Friday, January 02, 2009

Can i say OUCH??

well i am gonna .. say OUCH.. and ouch again..

Let me tell you about my New Year's day.......... i had emptied the office... in preparation for painting.. so yesterday i was up the ladder stripping border (wall paper) off the walls.... in a tshirt only... (imagine the view from down below)

Sir came into the office and decided (god only knows why!!!) that i needed some inspiration...
so there i am up the ladder.. stripping the wallpaper border.. and Sir starts hand spanking me.. OUCH!!! how am i supposed to concentrate on the wallpaper when every time i reach upwards and outwards to pull another piece - exposing my ass more - Sir's hand comes stinging down on exposed flesh???

When i finished stripping the wallpaper - washed the walls - filled up all the holes - i decided the painting could / would wait until another day........

Did that mean i got to have a lazy afternoon?? Nope.. Sir decided that i needed to experience the new beat the sub toy .... again............... honestly i didn' t think it was that necessary - i already knew what it felt like.., ouch ouch ouch is how it felt... BUT Sir wanted to experiment with it again.. so over the ottoman i went for a sound whooping with the beat the sub new toy.........

And then... after dinner .. when i was feeling all warm and fuzzy and lazy.. Sir decided it was time again.. AGAIN.. to use the beat the sub new toy.... and i was once again over the ottoman..

It is such a wicked toy.. Sir can use it softly rhythmically and i am in heaven.. and being the evil nasty man He is.. Sir lures me into this false sense of security by going nice and soft and rhythmical and then when i am not looking.. wham........ He hits the soft spot.. He ups the ante until i am banging my legs on the floor.. using language that would make a trucker blush.. and Sir just keeps on keeping on........

This morning my ass hurts.. ouch ouch ouch... and know what?? there isn't one mark.. not one!!! Yet it feels like it is black and blue...........

i am thinking i am gonna spend a whole lot of time painting today... or maybe hide the new beat the sub toy ... or distract Sir.. yeah distract Sir.. there's an idea... coffee Sir???


  1. Sounds a whole lot to me like someone is bragging and boasting while trying to disguise it as a whine.

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  4. Exactly who are you trying to convince?!
    *cheeky grin*

  5. Well it seems to me that if you serve coffee to Sir it might well energise him and you can try for marks again and again and again just like the little bunny and his drum. Hmmm who would last longer the bunny or Sir on coffee care to say?


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