Thursday, January 22, 2009

On getting old..

It is official .. not only am i "The Crazy Lady".. i am now "The OLD Lady"..

Let me explain......

Last evening Sir was explaining some silly prank some kids (only at the age of 30+ i don't much see 'em as kids) tried to pull in Montreal.............. i didn't get it last night... and figured i must be missing something........

So this morning i went to google and i looked up the event....... trying to understand the significance of this demonstration (of sorts)........

It was called "No Pants Day" ........... and this is how it was supposed to work.........
People were to gather outside a subway station........enter the station .. board a train.. and then strip off their pants and ride the train.

Apparently these "kids" were a little put off by the media showing up.......... so they disbanded and supposedly moved secretly to another location .. only problem was most of their ranks left........ so they were left with 8 or 9 "kids" to pull it off.. (it seems they didn't want their pictures taken)

NOW i can tell you..... if i was sitting on a subway (actually called Metro up here in Montreal) on a Saturday morning minding my own business.. and a group of "kids" (mostly males i might add) boarded the car i was on.. and proceeded to unbuckle their belts.. unzip their pants.. and strip off their pants.. i am thinking i would be pulling the security button pretty damn fast !!! i would not find their actions funny.. amusing.. or even intellectually challenging..........

i keep asking myself........ WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY TRYING TO PROVE??

Now i know in my day...... i did some mighty dumb things too.. mind you i was 18/19.. but i demonstrated against war.. i demonstrated for peace.. i demonstrated for equal pay for equal work..... not once did i strip off my pants...... i do remember giving a bus driver a daisy once........

In my google search i discovered this has been going on in other cities (thank god we aren't the only city raising nitwits). It has happened in NY .. in Toronto .. In LA (i think) ...

If you want to read the actual accounts of said demonstration here in Montreal.......

You can go HERE to read a blog entry of one of the participants....

Or you can go HERE to read the article that was printed in our City wide Newspaper (must have been a real slow news day !!)

i still don't get it...... i probably never will.... i guess i am just OLD!


  1. Being of certain age I have not yet gone over the hill and I think they were trying to have fun hmmm no reaso no rythme like gold fishswallowing or dipping in a ice cevored river on JAn 1st just good old politically uncorrect boys' fun. OF course they might have been protesting taht the materail on the Metro causes irratation to their skin but that I think some how would be politicallly correct.

  2. Anonymous9:34 am

    I've also read about this. As I understand it, participants are supposed to get onto the subway separately (different stops, different cars) having already removed their pants. So spectators only see one or two people who appear to have otherwise gotten dressed in the morning, but forgot to put on their pants. (They do wear underwear.) Would I participate in such a thing? Never. Would I be amused if someone got on the train in cold weather without pants (and the individual didn't seem to realize he/she was pantsless)? Yes.

  3. Down home they call it "Porky Piggin'." (Porky doesn't wear pants.)

  4. Anonymous1:30 pm

    If not understanding the thrill or fun in doing this (or any number of supposedly fun things like stringing toilet paper in trees and around a house, cow-tipping, etc.) means i'm old, then i've been old all of my life.

    Oh, and ringing a doorbell and running like hell -- what's that all about?

    Of course, most of the above activities are/were done by people mostly under the age of 21. i still didn't understand it when my contemporaries were doing it.

    Personally, i don't consider thirty-something a kid. Definitely a lot younger than myself, but not a kid.

    As for my reaction if it happened while i was riding the subway, i would probably do that 'old lady' half-smile and shake of the head, thinking how silly. i did that as a kid and a teenager as well.

    just my 2cents worth. Sir's pet


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