Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bloggers ..

i love to organize.. it doesn't much matter what.. i organize my rooms.. my cupboards.. my desk.. my office (at home and at work) i organize my menus.. my bookmarks.. my files on my pc (i don't always remember to back up those files but hey they are neatly organised !!)

And when i get home at night from work.. i walk into a relatively organized house .. walk up to my relatively organized office.. turn on my organized pc.. and prepare to browse through my blogs....... all bookmarked under various headings .. from "favourites" to "interesting reads" to "new reads" to "seldom updated"... i browse through all of them.

i am truly interested to hear what is happening in your world.. what ups or downs you are experiencing.. what new theory you may have.. what new toy you may have tried......... i am interested in whatever is going on in your life. i sip my afternoon coffee and browse.. quietly. And please note: i do not use one of those RSS feeder thingies that tells you when someone has posted - nope not me !! i open my bookmarks and browse...... it is always such a nice surprise to see when someone has posted... and a little disappointing when someone hasn't......... and i don't always leave comments...... some days the brain is dead and i have nothing to offer.. other times it has all been said before i get there..... but i read.. even if i don't comment.

And know what upsets my organized world??? and makes me shift uncomfortably in my chair???

When i load up a blog i have read for weeks / months / years and discover .. POOF.. it is gone. It upsets me. It makes me downright cross !! How dare they just shut it down.. not a word of goodbye.. no warning.. just POOF gone !! Don't they realize i have been reading daily and have a vested interest in what is going on in their lives??

It really annoys me... or maybe it is more that it upsets me... i don't much like change - we have talked about that before... and having a blog just disappear is a major change to my afternoon routine. And then i sit for a while wondering what happened........ so many things can and do happen......... they ran out of words.. they got busy (but they posted regularly right up to the day they went poof!!??) they are sick (but they took time to take it down??!!) Their lives turned upside down.......... And on and on it goes.. my imagination wondering what happened..........

i think there should be some contract that is signed between bloggers and readers.. some sort of promise that they won't just go POOF in the night.. that they will at least leave a closing statement.... something ... so we faithful (or obsessive) readers won't worry about them.........

Of course there is the other side of the coin.. the bloggers who write fiction as truth.. and maybe the truth catches up with them.. and they are ashamed and disappear quickly in the night to try and save face............ there have been a couple of those over the years of my reading blogs...

Whatever it is.... once a blogger has gone POOF.. i have to reorganize my bookmarks.. sometime i just move a blog to the "seldom updated" group.. other times i delete them.. and then i reorganize my afternoon reading......... for the first little while i miss the deleted ones... and then i think - as i am thinking now - that it is time to find some new blogs to add to my bookmarked reading list.......

So .. if you know of a blog that you deem worthy of reading let me know....... let me know if YOU have a blog (all those anonymous readers here) and maybe i will add you to one of my lil organized groupings and come with my afternoon coffee and learn what is going on in your world............

Just please ............ dear readers and fellow bloggers.. just please don't go POOF in the night!!


  1. I confess that I have had at least FOUR blogs in the past that went "Pouf" - but truth? NOT my fault. D. deleted them, just like that ... thousands of words, thoughts, emotions and creativity just GONE - sometimes I'm bitter about it- other times I'm pragmatic.

    My current blog will NEVER go "Pouf" without warning as only I control this one.

    and that's a promise!

  2. If fiction is presented as fiction I don't have a problem with it. Presenting fiction as fact aggravates the hell out of me and I stop reading.

  3. Anonymous10:56 am

    Hi, just found you, and am not as organized as you (wish I were!), don't have a private computer where I can bookmark so will be really trying to keep coming back.
    I totally agree about those blogs that just go in a day without explanation though. They, of course, don't really owe me anything, but the thing is...I do spend several days worrying about them. Are they okay, emergency, tragedy, someone discovering them endangering job or relationships. So please, if you can people, just a short note before you go.

  4. Like you, I get emotionally attached and wrapped up in some people that I read, and then if they vanish, I worry and wonder. I've been that way with magdala for over a year...
    On the other hand, I've found myself, once or twice, wanting to end it and just quit writing this stuff. The idea is never about making my goodbyes -- it is about deleting the whole business. So, I can understand the feeling that propels a person into invisibleness... Still, it does leave the rest of us in a void.
    I really don't know what the answer is. I suppose it is that we ought to encourage one another to think about how it feels when someone does that to us -- and then try to remember that if/when it becomes our time.

    hugs, swan

  5. Anonymous1:16 pm

    I know exactly what you mean about bloggers going away and wondering / worrying about them.

    Glad you're here and I've added you to my list of daily reads with my cup of tea.

    ~hugs and smiles~

  6. I hear ya about bloggers who suddenly disappear in the night. I've seen a few of those in my years of blogging and I find it frustrating, especially when it's been a blog that I have been reading for a long time. I don't have a rss feed either. I have bookmarks and try to keep up with my favorite blogs and yours is one of them. I don't always comment but I'm here reading.

  7. Disappearing blogs annoy me too. I tend to use my blog rolls to follow my regular reads, except for a few blogs that want to stay private and not get linked to, they are on the favorites list. I do a little good bye post to any blog from the lists that goes away, I find it sad that these are the posts that get the most hits from search engines. Sometimes people are still looking for a blog over a year after it is gone.

    I cannot understand why people write fiction as truth. There is plenty of interest in fiction, so why not just write fiction as fiction?

    A blog I would recommend to you is one from a spanking/fetish model, Pandora Blake (
    I think that you may particularly like this one because I get the impression that you enjoy well written blogs. Normally this blog is very well written but sometimes Ms Blake comes up with some real written gems (try the post "Ups And Downs" Wednesday October 8th 2008).
    she writes about her life inside the modeling world and her own life. I follow a lot of the models blogs and although I enjoy them greatly, I get the impression that most of them would not be your kind of thing but this one seems to me to fit your reading tastes (as far as I can tell what those are from what I read on your blog).


  8. Anonymous4:23 am

    I haven't commented in a long long time but I want to say if you suddenly left I would miss your writing. I too have been hurt by the fictional blogs i.e Annissa (life as His) who I spent over a year worrying about when she disappeared only to find out it wasn't all true. However I had already learnt that blogs can be made of fantasy from the infamous Patty blog. I have to say though is I Love Google Reader and I am thinking of starting a group for addicts ;)

  9. morningstar,
    i don't know if you've ever read our blog or if you would find it a bit over the top..lots of nudity. i do find a way to talk about reality in between the naughtiness.

    i can totally relate to that unsettledness when someone you've been enjoying reading just disappears. That happened this past year with "The Story of M" and i found it very difficult to understand. Recently "No Limits Slave" went away but her owner gave us a little warning that is was time for her to refocus...and it leaves a void in my surfing..but at least i know what happened.

    We have had times when we put up the "private" screen just to give us breathing space before hitting the delete button...and when it's been me about to's usually because i am having a crisis about what you just posted about...feeling like i am too in charge.

    As to the fiction as fact..sometimes i will read blogs and just say "no way"...and then find out MJ is reading them, too, and it would seem sometimes fiction is more fun than the "earnestness" of reality...and maybe they serve their place..but since their is no crime in writing fantasy...why not label it as such?

    Now if i could only figure out HOW to organize all my book marks!


  10. after spending wwaaayyy too long surfing around 'cause my book marks aren't organized it occurred to me that i keep most of my in our blogroll and some of those are newish so that might also be a good place to peek for new blogs. all that are there are very "readable"



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