Friday, November 30, 2007


My mother or grandmother or someone used to say "if you haven't got anything nice to say.... don't say anything"....

Well it is kinda like that right now with me..... it isn't that i don't have anything "nice" to say...... it's more that i don't have anything TO say........

The doctors told me it would take 24 hours to recuperate from the biopsy.... yesterday was a wash out.. i napped most of the day - and wrote some cheeky assed emails to friend Buffalo...... Today i was hoping i would be jumping out of bed - glad for the extra day off - and rushing off to get my flu shot, finish off the Christmas shopping, and doing some groceries. Rushing home to put stuff away.. shower and prepare dinner all in anticipation of Sir's arrival.... AND .. i had visions of getting ready to go out tonite with Sir to the first of 2 (count 'em two)
play parties this weekend.

Instead i am sitting huddled over the pc .. coffee cup in hand... rubbing my sore tummy and wondering how i will manage a shower .. never mind the running around.. never mind the parties ... sometimes life sucks ya know that??

Anyway... i honestly did not intend to get started on how i feel yucky..... i did want to say i found yet another online quiz.. (they are wonderful things that fill up a blog post without too much effort or thought) and sometimes.. not always.. but sometimes they reveal just a little bit about the person who writes the blog.......

Magdala - who i thought i had gone missing - has returned (which reminds me i should change her link information ) and today she posted a quiz about your sign.... and yeah yeah i know.. your horoscope sign hasn't been in since - when?? the 80's?? but i am a sucker for stuff like that....... my grandmother firmly believed in gypsy fortune tellers and the stars and tea leaves to predict the future.. so i guess it is in my blood.

Anyway.. all of that is to say.. i took the quiz and here i post the results for your reading pleasure........ (maybe tomorrow - which is the 1st day of holidailies by the way - i will be up and running and posting about floggers and whips and paddles oh my !!!)

oh by the way..... i "love" being called 'adorable' - 'extremely adorable' is even better !!!

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  1. I wonder if your grandma and my mom were copying off a rabbit in one of those silly-assed Disney movies?


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