Thursday, November 08, 2007


Contract by definition is........ a spoken or written agreement intended to be enforceable by law.

That is the reason i have trouble with BDSM contracts....... what law enforcement officer or department is going to enforce a BDSM contract??? consensual or not??!!

When we were negotiating with drakor over hard limits.. i realized he was going to want more than a hand shake on the deal.... he was going to want some sort of contract. i googled BDSM contract and got pages and pages upon pages of information for BDSM contracts. And i gagged over most of them. Silly pompous things .. if you ask me.. and no i know you didn't ask me.. and some of you who read here probably have one of those contracts.. and are ...right about now...hissing at me....

But come on folks.. let's be sensible here.. if you have a document signed by your Dominant and by yourself.. and the Dominant is a right royal SOB.. do you honestly think that contract is binding?? If you want out of the contract and the Dominant says "no way" do you honestly expect me to believe you couldn't just walk out???

So now you know where i stand on BDSM contracts......... BUT .. drakor wanted one.. drakor thought it was important. So i wrote up the contract along with the provisos that he wanted added ....... and added what our expectations were.. and as i wrote them i felt silly .. because most of the rules of the house are already known by drakor and approved by him... because .. good lord .. he was here and involved in the discussion that created the "House Rules".... but i wrote them out all neat and proper.

The one line that i think sums up this contract for Sir and i reads:
" drakor will make it his goal in all things, to make Sir's and littleone's life easier"

The contract is set for a six month period.. from October 28, 2007 till April 28, 2008. Then we get to do it all again?? i think...... or end this side of our relationship. Truthfully .. right now.. i hope it continues.. for an unending length of time.. because i am having fun.. i am enjoying drakor and all that he does to please Sir and i.

When something feels good then it is good..... no words on paper can make it good.. can make it right.. it is or it isn't. And that is my 2 cents on the subject of contracts !


  1. Anonymous7:01 am

    I think that drawing up a contract is an extension of the role play scenario. I don;t see any harm in it but the contract is a role play contract not a real one.

  2. Games i do not play, honour is important to me so if i sign a contract and the Dominants have not broken their word the i honour the terms of contract. Perhaps one of the problems of society is they do not feel they must honour contracts but i do. The only way i walk away is if the terms of the contract are not homoured.

  3. I got nuttin to say.


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