Monday, November 26, 2007

That's life

i am not sure why.. but i do not bruise....... oh i may bleed occasionlly.. but i do not bruise.. no matter how hard or how long Sir hits me. i do however get hard spots on my ass... round hard spots... compression bruises i think they are called....... but there is nothing to see...... and that is a problem because........ Sir doesn't see it as a bruise and has absolutely no sympathy......... (and as Sir says.. "that is a problem because.......??)

Saturday night Sir used the cane....... the crop....... the tawse and His hands on my ass for a good hour or so... when it was over i had two identical hard spots on each ass cheek. At the end of it all.. Sir was sitting beside me on the floor .... asking me if i had had fun...... i looked at Him with a cheeky grin saying "no .. no .. no.. i didn't like it at all.. i HATE the cane" and then i grabbed His hand and thrust it between my legs... saying.. "see how much i hated it" and then i burst out in embarrassed giggles.. i do NOT do things like that.. E V E R ! (the devil made me do it .. i swear!)

Sunday morning my ass felt tight and sore ........ Sunday morning Sir decided i needed more cane... have i said i HATE the cane?? i do you know... it is thin and whippy and hurts like hell. Sir seemed to have it in His head that He wanted marks....... at one point while the cane is swishing across my ass.. i got to hear how kaya gets these nice marks from her whoopings.. lisa gets lovely welts from the back of her knees upward......... and come hell or high water.. Sir was gonna see lovely marks on my ass and thighs too !!! (did i mention i do NOT bruise??? did i mention i don't mark??? did i mention i just get hard round spots that can't be seen only felt??)

After another good 30 minutes of the cane.. and the crop.. i was dripping wet and wishing for all the world that Sir would fuck me.. but ...Sir went downstairs to work on the trains... i went downstairs to do laundry and work on the scenery...... Sir kept telling me i was clumsy and awkward.. and a bit foggy......... can i say "duh"???

Sunday afternoon Sir decided i needed more cane and more crop.......... i really tried to convince Him that i honestly didn't need anymore..... i honestly didn't... my ass was so tight and sore.. it hurt to sit on a cushion for heaven's sakes !!! But over the foot stool i went.. ass in the air.. and the caning started all over again....... i yelped .. i wiggled.. i sighed.. and finally i was thrusting my ass out at Sir.. wishing He would notice how wet i was.. wishing He would "fix" the problem....

Sir used the tip of the cane to tease me.. running it over my red hot ass... tickling that spot... you know which one.. the one at the base of the spine........ where gentle touches from just about anything will have me begging to be fucked.. begging i say !! (how lady-like is that??!!)

Sir would stroke that spot with the cane.. and when my ass would be stuck out about as far as it would go.... and wiggling with desire.. the cane would swoop down and across it making me yelp and pull it back in....... tease.. hit.. tease .. hit ..

Finally when i thought i would go out of my mind.. not sure what i was feeling anymore.. pain or need.. or pleasure.. Sir dropped down behind me.. forcing my legs apart.. pushing my head down on the ottoman and slamming into me ... ever so roughly...... ever so nicely.. making me moan and whimper and gasp for air.

i could hear the slurp slurp sounds coming from me... those embarrassing noises that prove how needy i am.. how much i am loving every single thing He does to me........ and then i feel it all running down my legs, puddling again on the rug...... and i am asking for permission to cum.... and cumming even before the permission is fully out His mouth.... squirting every which way....... drowning Sir and myself in my juices.. sliding half down off the ottoman.. trying to catch my breath.... when Sir's hand inside me yanks me back up .. back into position on the ottoman and He is pounding into me again.......... and my whole body shudders and trembles and collapses in a soaking puddle of human pleasure............ (and for the second time in as many days the carpet had to be washed........ i am gonna have the cleanest carpet for Christmas if this keeps up!!)

And that dear readers is life.........a wonderful weekend of delights.........


  1. Anonymous10:17 am

    More often than not, I get those same hard, raised spots. My quest for spectacular bruises seems limited to my shins and the coffee table. ;-)

  2. I wish I didn't bruise as easily as I do!
    It's hard to explain all the bruises on my arms and wrists! lol

  3. I mark really badly, but recover quickly, "the morning after" there is usualy nothing to see, although I can feel where the impacts have been for a couple of days.:-(


  4. Try taking some advil before a scene.

    I discovered quite on accident that a few doses, through out the day, lead to spectacular bruising later.

  5. and I am just gonna say, "Yippee!" Bruises or no bruises, it sounds like you had a fabulous time, Dear!

    hugs, swan


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