Saturday, November 24, 2007

Afternoon Delights..

There is something about being taken from behind.. on my knees.. roughly .. that just makes me melt..... makes me putty in Sir's hand.........

This afternoon, after a morning of Xmas shopping (ohhhhhhh how i wish i could share with you all, what i purchased...... but as it was all for Sir.. and as Sir reads my blog.. you will just have to wait !!) and a model train show, Sir ordered me to kneel at the sofa......

i thought He was gonna reach for one of the toys perched on the wing back chair... but Sir got down on the floor behind me.. pushed my legs apart.. pushed my head down and roughly fucked me........ those were His words....."you like it rough don't you??!!" my head was bobbing up and down.. (oh god yes Sir!! i love it rough.. love it from behind.. love to feel my body opening up .... )

and oh lordie.. i wasn't dry for very long........ even before i was given permission to cum, my juices were running down my legs, puddling on the carpet, the muscles in my lower belly tightening, heat radiating outwards from some small spot inside me.. flushing my chest and neck and face.......... and then .. then Sir said "cum" and i felt like i was exploding outwards, juices spraying over Sir, over the rug, running down my legs and soaking my socks (how romantic is that?? thick woolen socks, bare ass??)

Afternoon delights........... yummy!!!


  1. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Yummy indeed.... rrrrrarrrr! :)

  2. Afternoon delight - watching the Grey Cup?


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