Friday, November 16, 2007

Celebration thoughts..

Last night i was out with my eldest daughter at the wedding store.. going through the first fitting of THE wedding dress.... she is anxious to get going on the dress.. to move from muslin to taffeta... but i was content to gaze at the muslin dress, watching her twirl and spin.... and remembering a little girl in dress up clothes..

Fortunately for mother.. eldest daughter has moved her wedding to October.... so now i have 2 months between the girls' weddings not 2 weeks......... and loads of time for the transformation from muslin to taffeta .. from little girl to married woman.

Two weeks ago Sir and i took youngest daughter shopping for her dress... it was my first experience sitting on the chairs in front of the round little stages the brides-to-be stand on.. waiting.. and waiting... until the door opened and my baby daughter stepped out on to the lil round stage dress hiked up to here.. socked feet showing underneath.. and mom filled up with tears... i can no longer pretend they are girls anymore....... silly as that sounds.. this wedding dress shopping has made me realize somewhere between a Christmas and a summer holiday they grew up on me.

Sir has decided that tomorrow we will go and start some Christmas shopping...

now that is not to say i haven't started my shopping.. i have...
because i HATE shopping with a passion........ and i HATE crowds with a passion... i tend to shop as the spirit moves me...
But i have a problem this year...... i don't have any lists.. i love lists.. i live by my lists... but i have no shopping lists this year.... (i say as i reach for the little pink pills that ward off panic attacks!!) BUT Sir says we will go to Costco.. and if the Christmas fairies are smiling on me.. i will find suitable gifts for my staff at work.. all 20 of them !!!

Last night driving home from the wedding store.. Christmas lights were sparkling throughout the neighbourhood (ok ok that is NOT counting the one neighbour who put up and put ON their lights before Hallowe'en) and i found myself doing a mental check....... it is only November 16th... the Americans have not celebrated Thanksgiving... which has, in past years, been the starting gun for Christmas decorating........ so what is up with all the lights this year????

i am hoping i can cajole Sir into putting up the outside lights this weekend.... and i will put the lights in the kitchen window..... so when i come home at night i will see my house slowly turning into a twinkling Christmas wonderland......

i have had two really good days........ it shows in my desire to celebrate.. to join the world again.. and celebrate....... things have been rocky here.. more so than words can describe.. and there is no point in trying to put into words how rocky.. because i have discovered not many understand.. but i am celebrating two good days... and a desire to join in the celebrations !!!

and that dear readers is reason enough to celebrate !!!


  1. The only good way to christmas shop is on the net!

  2. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Celebrate!!! the holidays are almost here, and that is the time we can go beyond our cynicism and our fears.

    i'm glad that you have had two good days! May you have 20 more!

    Sir's pet

  3. You know I am "The Grinch" and absolutely dread and despise this part of the year, but if it brings you joy, then I am glad... Celebrate and be happy, and know that I'll do my best to be happy with and for you.

    Hugs, swan

  4. swan, I am in almost FULL agreement I hope others that enjoy Christmas have a wonderful one, for Me BAH HUMBUG !!!!

    Owner of morningstar ( lover of Xmas )


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