Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lessons learned.....

(editorial note: after much thought and consideration.. i have decided to remove all references to the house boy episode in our lives. Having the blog entries staring at me every time i opened blogger was just too painful a memory. And so this is the only blog entry i have left..... that speaks from my heart about the sadness i felt in his leaving us.)

There was a blog i read .. once upon a long time ago..... entitled "Lessons Learned". It was probably the first blog i ever read....... it was probably the main motivation for my starting my own blog..... and for the long list of blogs that i read today.

BUT that expression "lessons learned" has another reality for me these days. It has taken me nearly 2 weeks to write about it, because the lesson learned this time hurt... hurt bad.

drakor... our houseboy... has uncollared himself. He no longer belongs to Sir and i.

There were lots of reasons given....... but honestly not one i could understand.

It is interesting to me that two people (in this case drakor and myself) profess good communication skills.... and yet we didn't communicate well together. i think that was the main problem. It became a "he said / she said" situation..... that has gone round and round. But in the final analysis the outcome is clear.. drakor is no longer our houseboy.

And so it is with a deep and abiding sadness that i put the "alpha sub" part of me away......the final time that the above picture will be used on this blog....... and this will be the last time that i write about our houseboy - drakor.


  1. Sounds a dab hurtful. Sorry.

  2. Hmmm... I understand this makes you feel sad and disappointed... and even worst if you don't see well what caused the event to happen... but, hey... at least, you did it, you experienced it... and it is not a little thing... ;-)

  3. I think it is always tricky to negotiate power exchange relationships, and the intricacies of navigating those relationships in "multiples" can be even more challenging -- more lives, more demands, more expectations, more assumptions, more potential for mis-communication. I can understand the sadness and the disappointment for hopes not fully realized. I only hope that, with time, you will come to recognize what may have been positive out of the time that you and your Sir and drakor spent together in this endeavor.



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