Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just thoughts

Did you ever have times in your life when no matter how hard you tried ... you just landed up feeling as though you failed??

i can't help but wonder some days how/why i thought i could handle a submissive.. i absolutely refuse to use the "D" word... Sir is the Dominant .. i am just His #1 subbie.

It seemed simple enough..... hell i have been on the receiving end of a flogger for more years than i wish to count (yeah kaya i am THAT old!!) i thought that made me some sort of expert at domming...... beeeeeep !!! wrong again old girl.

And i am a planner.. i like things organised.. i like to know where i am going and how i am gonna get there.. but one problem with being on the receiving end and thinking it was a short hop skip and a jump to the other end of the flogger is that not everyone feels the same as i do.. reacts the same as i do.. or serves the same way as i do........ big fat learning curve there....... boy did i miss it !!! so screw the plans and pass me the thorns (play on words folks!)

And so dear readers.. though i have been vague and rambling...... (it all makes perfect sense to me!!) this blog is going back to it's original theme.. my journey as a submissive.. both the bdsm side of me and the vanilla side of me.. the good the bad and the ugly.......... that is where i know what i am doing.... cause i follow the directions.. not give them......

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