Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the weekend..

It would seem Sir has gotten into a pattern of selecting one or two toys that will be my nemesis for the weekend............ This weekend He selected the crop and the cane...........

It started on Friday night........ it didn't matter i was pooped .. too pooped to pop as the expression goes.. there they were .. and i was over the foot stool ass in the air receiving swats from first one then the other......... i pointed out (quite nicely and politely too i might add) that i much preferred the crop to the cane....... Sir decided he preferred the cane....... i pointed out to him (quite nicely and politely too ) that He had reached the prescribed 25 swats with the cane .. and so it was finished now....... Sir said He hadn't learned to count...... Sir said i wasn't taking British hits so the count didn't count.... i took as many swats as Sir decided..

The crop and the cane sat on the foot stool all day on Saturday...... just lying there in the sun like a contented cat.. when i sat in the living room they were directly in front of me.. taunting me....... my male cat got all worked up because they had taken HIS spot in the sunshine.. he stalked around with his tail up in the air .. rather pissed off with the whole situation.

Saturday night Sir told me to move the foot stool back into the middle of the floor and get my ass over it.......... and we started all over.. first the crop then the cane.. repeat till subbie is wiggling and whimpering and yes yes i admit it !! whining..........

Sunday was weird...... i had the session with drakor the house boy....... and after driving him home.. all i could think was........ i want the damn cane.. i want the damn crop.. i want some pain !!! Right after dinner (which is not the usual routine.. usually Sir lets me digest my dinner before playing) Sir pointed out to me that there was an ad on the TV.. i thought okkkkkk .. one of the "watch the show.. ass in the air during the ads" kind of sessions... so i flung myself over the foot stool .. and Sir picked up the crop (have i told you how much i love the crop??!! Sir can make me cum just from the crop...... He didn't on Sunday night.. but i just thought i would say i can) When the TV show came back on .. i bounced up assuming (don't EVER assume) that i could watch until the next ad.. BEEP wrong answer.. the cropping continued. At one point Sir asked me "am I having fun yet?" i remember thinking "how the hell am i supposed to know??!!" but i was good and just said "Yes Sir"..

i know the session lasted a full 45 minutes because at 8:45 exactly Sir told me i could sit up........ i didn't really want to sit up..... i was in that nice place.. that warm fuzzy place.. where i am SUPER SUBBIE and i can take anything........ but i was a good subbie and crawled over to Sir's feet and thanked him for the session.............

The crop and the cane are still sitting on the foot stool in front of the living room window.. the male cat has taken to lecturing me .. i am guessing he wants them moved so he can reclaim HIS spot......... but for now .. they deserve to lie in the sunbeams..........


  1. I wonder what toys this weekend should be on the foot stool??

    Owner of morningstar

  2. Anonymous8:02 pm

    I met the crop this week end too and no, I can't say I did as good as you... I wasn't having fun... and God knows that the crop isn't such a baddy... Did it ever happen to you to be much more sensitive than usual? I really wonder has I'm really experiencing a difference in my pain tolerance... I wonder if menopause could play a role in that... What do you think?

  3. And a good time was had by all.


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