Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sadistic Saturday night

and as promised ....... our Saturday evening play party .......


For several months now Sir and i have been hearing of a south shore BDSM group that holds munches/play parties. It has been something that has been nagging at Sir.. He IS a south shore resident.. has been for 50+ years.. He hadn't heard of any BDSM group in his local town.. and yet there were rumours (at best) of one active group.

On Saturday morning Sir announced to me that He was waiting for an invite to a party on Saturday evening. i looked at Him in total surprise. Usually i am given lots of warning of upcoming play parties.. usually i have read about them on the mailing lists. BUT this time i hadn't even heard a whisper of a private play party.

Turns out it was this south shore group........ and..... as fate would have it....... Sir received an invitation.

i have to say i was a wee bit nervous..... what if i didn't know anyone there?? what if what if what if plagued my mind. Fortunately i hadn't had to stew about this all week....... and Sir had kept me pretty occupied for most of the day.

By 9 p.m. we were sitting outside an old auto body shop (coincidentally this body shop was virtually around the corner from Sir's house and is where he used to take his car). Some folks had purchased it and converted it into a private club..... Now that may sound like an odd place to open a club.... but think about it........ First of all there are no vanilla neighbours to worry about..... the area is large with relatively high ceilings.... and there is lots of parking !!!

We parked and went in........ i am sure Sir could hear my heart pounding. The first couple of minutes were a bit awkward. We didn't know anyone, and most of the folks were french speaking. Now.. don't get me wrong.... i can speak french....... and definitely understand it better than i speak it....... but somehow i felt a little bit like an intruder.....(it happens here in this part of the Great White North...... that there is a dividing line in the BDSM community by linguistics. And the differences go deeper than just language). But very quickly a submissive came over and introduced herself.. and we all apologized for not being fluent in the other's language.. and the ice was broken.

i was sneaking peaks around me.. eyeing the equipment up and down...... and they did have a load of equipment. There were at least 3 different suspension stations... a medical room.... 3 different cages... and the usual spanking benches and St. Andrew's crosses.

BUT in the middle of the room stood a giant of a tree stump......... with two smaller stumps on either side that had been transformed into kneeling posts. The large one though was the one that caught my eye. Eventually Sir walked us over to the grouping of tree stumps. i couldn't keep my hands off the larger one.. stroking it .. caressing it.. feeling each bump and groove in the bark. i looked at Sir longingly and asked Him if He knew which piece of equipment i hoped He would use.......... (now that was a DUH question if ever there was one!!)

As folks started to arrive we were surprised to see a large number of folks we used to meet at other clubs. We thought they had disappeared into some void... as they (apparently) thought we had as well. It was fun catching up a bit with these long lost BDSM buddies.

We were waiting - politely - for the party to get rolling. But folks seemed to be content to stand around chatting. One submissive was put on a spanking bench and a dominant was half heartedly spanking his ass. Sir decided that that was the start of the evening.. and told me to set up the toys by the tree stump. By this time the tree stump was calling to me.. talking to me. When Sir had my cuffs on and up on the little stand that the stump was fixed to, my arms could not go around the entire tree - that is how big it was !!! There was quite enough room for two submissives to be strung up at the same time.

i leaned into the tree and could hear it whispering to me... i felt the strength of the tree pressing against my naked breasts. (ok ok.. that was 'poetic' ......... the truth of the matter is i could feel the bark biting into my breasts!)

Sir started ......... and wow........ what an experience it was. He would hit with one toy or another and my body would press into the bark .. or bash into the bark - depending on the strength of the hit - and the bark would slam the front of me......... (in fact i have a bruise on a knee as proof of how unrelenting the tree stump was)

People gathered round to watch Sir put me through my paces.. the flogger,, the gorean whip.. the crop.. the circus whip .. the tawse.. (rinse repeat as many times as necessary)..
i drifted away and floated back.. the voices of the people around me mixed into the music and became white noise...... the twinkling candles and fairy lights pulled my mind away from everything but Sir .. the pain.. and the tree........ i danced with the tree....... i smiled at the fairies dancing in the crevices of the bark.......

It was an amazing totally captivating sadistic Saturday night.............

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  1. I am completely mesmerized by the scenario you painted, and wanted to be lost there as well!


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