Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Enough already

i am going to do an ohhhhhh so not nice blog.......... if you are thin skinned.. or squeamish come back tomorrow......OR .. skip to the good part at the bottom..

Some days i wonder why i write this blog......... i wonder if the words i am spewing forth into the great void they call the "internet" makes an impression on anyone.......... anyone twitch?? cringe?? think??? or am i just writing words upon words that go virtually unnoticed??

yeah i know that sounds bitchy........ but honestly folks i have written a couple of blogs recently actually asking (politely even) for comments or advise or a blip on the radar screen and i have received nothing..... it can be just a tad frustrating........ sort of like at work where i ask questions and get no answers........

Maybe that is my problem.. i ask way too many questions everywhere and get frustrated by the total lack of answers.. (not just here but in my private life as well - good god do i have a private life??!!! with what i write here i don't really do i?? )

i wonder if i am boring everyone to death........... putting everyone to sleep..... cause i figure if i was annoying the hell out of you someone surely would tell me so.... if i was way off base surely someone would tell me so... BUT i go on writing into what seems to be a void..... and that is damn difficult.

Every once in a while it would be nice to get some feedback...... good bad or otherwise....
hells bells .. i have over a 100 visitors a day ..... no one has anything to say????????

ok rant over.. now on to something a little bit more appropriate for an adult only blog..........

Last evening i was chatting with Sir .. as is our habit .. when i announced.. just like that.. out of the blue.. that i was horny. Sir's answer was predictable "and THAT is new?? " No it wasn't really new........ but considering how pooped i was.. for me it was amazing. Sir told me as i was getting ready to log off that i had permission to bring out the new vibrator..... For those of you who missed the blog entry on this amazing new toy........ check out the new vibrator for details.........Now remember the reason i selected this model was because it was rechargeable and did not.. i repeat .. did NOT have wires attached.

So after a nice long hot bubble bath that relaxed the day's stresses, i crawled into bed with the new vibrator and fitted the attachment over the head. i lay back.. closed my eyes.. took a couple of deep breaths .. and inserted the attachment. i turned it on low and just lay there enjoying the deep slow vibrations.

When i felt the muscles in my back and shoulders relaxing i decided it was time to turn that sucker up a notch. ohhhhhhhhh my god....... it felt so good.. i still cannot get over how the vibrations rattle my teeth for god's sakes !!! i lay there totally absorbed in the feelings. Then because i just didn't want it to end .. i turned the vibrator back to low and continued to enjoy the low vibrations. Then i turned it back up.. then as my orgasm came close i turned it back down. i wanted it to go on forever.......... (the problem with masturbating - at least for me - is - when i have the one massive earth shattering orgasm i am finished.. absolutely no interest in anymore .. now if Sir were here, that would be considered the beginning ...... not the end...... so i wanted it to last as long as possible.)

i had been doing the slow fast combination for a few minutes when i turned the sucker up and it barely registered. i turned it down... thinking maybe i had jammed the switch.. and it virtually stopped. All i could think was " NOT BLOODY NOW!" but the worst had happened.. the rechargeable battery picked that exact moment to need to be recharged!!!

i pulled the vibrator out .. thrust it across the bed and lay there panting like a dog in heat. Then i thought....... i will plug the sucker into the charger...... and see if i can get enough juice to finish the job. So i climbed out of bed .. found the charger.. found an outlet close enough to the bed.. plugged the charger into the outlet and into the vibrator and climbed back under the covers. Now i had wires running up my body .. over my head .. into the electrical socket behind the bed. i ask you......... how sexy is that?? As i inserted the attachment all i could think was .. "please don't let me electrocute myself" and then thought " what the hell !!! it will be an amazing way to go!"

Fortunately for me....... the vibrator can and does work quite nicely with a dead battery when plugged into an electrical socket......... i cranked the sucker up and had my earth shattering mind blowing orgasm. Turned off the vibrator .. stuck it on the night table to recharge over night .. and slept in the wet spot...........


  1. Speaking only for myself, which is a reasonable thing to do, there are times when I simply don't have anything to say. I may be that I'm tired and feeling brain dead at the time. It may be the subject material is beyond by ken. It may be any number of things.

    The lack of a comment doesn't mean that I don't visit every time you post and it doesn't mean your offerings aren't read, enjoyed, and appreciated.

  2. Buffalo........

    it may be that you are brain dead?? ok ok i promise i will be good.. i won't touch that one..... i promise i promise i promise!!!

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  3. Dear one, I barely manage to write my own stuff and untangle my own tangles, let alone figure out what to say here -- although I do ponder and then "steal" your words to feed my own...

    Please know that I am reading and that (even as I know that you are here when I am not hearing much from you) I am here even when I am mostly quiet.


  4. Sorry , I do all my cringing on Sundays LOL

  5. Anonymous12:21 pm

    See. You should have just bought the hitachi. It never dies. :D :D :D

    Though I am managing to kill mine apparently. Go me!



    ps. There are only a few blogs that I actually read every day. Your's is one. Rest assured, we're soaking you in.

  6. New to your blog. But understand the frustration, the same thing happens on my blog! So I take the bait and say hi. And I'm enjoying the read. *grin*

    aoefe (fellow Canadian)

  7. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Waving hi!! from my corner of the world...I would be one of those who reads you every day but rarely comments - here or anywhere...seems He has this theory that if I am behind on my own blog I have no business writing on others...sighhh..but I am here...honest. and whilst I am here, may I add you to my links?


  8. caitlin of course you may link me.. and kinky aoefe (interesting name i must say) went and took a peak at your blog...... i like the way you write.........

    drakor.. all i ask from you is that you cringe on Sundays .. and well a few other things........

    and kaya....... i do NOT care .. wires worry me........

  9. Hi! I'm one of your lurkers. Just thought I'd take this time to tell you how very much I enjoy your blog. Please know your posts are enjoyed and appreciated!


  10. Anonymous9:02 am

    Hi littleone, another lurker here. But i have an excuse for no comments! i've just recently found your blog, so i haven't really had much to say...just trying to catch up with your posts.

    i must say that i find your writing intelligent and interesting and stimulating (in the obvious way), so thank you for putting so much of yourself out here for the rest of us to envy.

    Sir's pet


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