Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sadistic Saturday

Friday we learned that house boy was not yet over this mystery bug that is zapping his energy and his strength. We suggested that he take the weekend to recuperate.

So Saturday found me naked except for a little t-shirt.. mop and duster and cleaning stuff in hand, cleaning the main level of the condo. Honestly i wasn't sulking about doing it. My energy levels seem to have returned to near normal levels - so i was all set to clean.

Sir decided to add a sadistic twist to the cleaning...... add some interest to the cleaning?? spur me on to greater heights?? Every time i bent over and Sir caught me.. i was either fucked or paddled.

It started off in the kitchen when i bent over to get the cleaning stuff from under the kitchen sink.... before i knew it Sir had me bent over the kitchen counter..... legs kicked part..fucking me. As i am a rather focused person (for the most part!) and my mind was on the cleaning... i was sure i would not react to the fucking.. i was dry-ish and it kinda hurt..... but Sir doesn't pay attention to things like my being dry or uninterested.. He knows that He can always bring me round......... so yes the next thing i knew i was begging for permission to cum and gushing cum down my legs and onto the kitchen floor..... (one way to make sure the floor gets washed!!)

The next time i was in the living room.. being a wee bit of a brat over cleaning the TV cabinet.. making sure i was taking my time standing in front of the TV screen cleaning the top of the cabinet........ one thing for sure.. i had Sir's attention... the minute i moved to the desk and bent to remove things from the shelves.. Sir had grabbed the t-shirt hoisted it up and was fucking me yet again.............

The stupidest move i made.. and seriously - god only knows where my head was.. i knelt up on the ottoman to dust the window ledge and the vent just behind the ottoman.. to do this i had dropped the paddle on the floor.......... i can imagine what a view Sir had.. there i was perched on the ottoman... ass in the air... paddle within arms reach.

It didn't take long for Sir to have the paddle in hand and with my face pressed up against the window while my ass was being paddled hard!!!

Now we have this little rule in this house....... that i am not allowed to enter a room without permission from Sir.......... most of the time it is not that difficult to follow.. BUT i was cleaning the house.. i was flitting in and out of rooms all the time.. focused on NOT bending over and focused on what job came next.... and so....... more than once Sir caught me not asking for permission........ Now for that infraction it is always the same punishment...... the IKEA shoe horn is used as a punishment stick..

can i say "STINGY"???

so now i am trying to clean the house without bending over more than absolutely necessary and trying to time those bending motions to when Sir is distracted or not in the room......... i was also trying to remember to be a 'good lil subbie' and remember to ask for permission to enter a room - in order to avoid "mr snake" as we call the punishment stick.........

when it just all fell apart and i did the unthinkable !!!

yup....... i stuck my tongue out at Sir !!!!!!!!!!!

That has always been an offense punishable by the most despicable means.....unusually cruel and spiteful means............

TABASCO sauce....... on my tongue.......... burning my tongue .. my palate and cleaning out my sinuses.........and worse than that...... yesterday while it was on my tongue..... for some stupid.. unfathomable reason.. i licked my lips........... (gag gag)

But the main level of the condo got cleaned.... even if it felt a little bit like running a sadistic gauntlet........
(and before anyone thinks i am complaining.......... i have NEVER had as much fun cleaning as i did yesterday)

The day wasn't over.. Sir had plans - BIG plans - for Saturday night..... but i am gonna save those for another time later next week............. i have laundry to do and i am wondering if Sir has come up with an interesting sadistic twist to laundry day.............


  1. Rejoice that He doesn't use a "real" hot sauce.

  2. EXCUSE ME!!!????

    Buffalo........ by my standards.. virginal that they are..... tabasco IS hot sauce!!!!

    shudder shudder
    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  3. What is the name of this " Real " sauce and where does one get it??

    Owner of morningstar

  4. lil one ... darling, i've commented on you b4, but as ''sus''; and through email as for some reason, until ''i'' made a blog, it would never let me post directly!

    *If* buffalo is in fact "from" buffalo, NY, then undoubtedly he's referring to the hot sauce they use for their "signature" Buffalo Hot Wings. However, any good ethnic store will offer a wide selection of hot sauces.

    And ... FYI ... i have found a longer lasting "burn" from putting the hot sauce (ivory soap) UNDER the tongue, as opposed to ON it. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get it off from under your tongue, regardless of the drooling or any other *trick* i've found ... just sayin'.

    BTW, i have been a faithful reader of your blog for a year or so, but have just gotten the stones to begin my own.

    love, me

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I sort of like this way of cleaning sounds like you enjoyed the fun side of an ass in the air. What no pictures a shame!


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