Wednesday, September 26, 2007


When i first started on chat programs online i had to learn a whole new way of writing ........ acronyms were all the rage...... LOL... BRB ...LMAO... TTFN .. it all looked like greek to me. But over time i have come to use them as quickly as everyone else and the hair on the back of my neck doesn't bristle quite as much at the bastardization of the English language.

Well i have a brand spanking new one to add to the list........... "DD"........ i used it this afternoon for the first time.. and will continue to use it until such time as i think that Sir might actually catch me......... "DD" stands for "Dopey Dom".......

i am trying to see (find) some humour in the last 48 hours..... It hasn't been an easy go for Sir.... from muscle spasms in His back to excruciating pain in His shoulder.... it has been a long journey from the hospital recovery room to the 48 hour magic mark. Each time that i have called Him from work to check up on Him....... (yeah yeah i HAD to work - one day off was all i was able to get) He sounded like a drunk..... when i get home and look at Him weaving His way down the hallway towards me - eyes droopy - looking for all the world like a drunken sailor (No offense meant to any sailors out there!!) i have HAD to find something funny about it........ It is so NOT easy to see the man who is always in control be so out of it.........

But tonite we hit the magic 48 hour mark.......... and Sir is hoping (as am i) that He can begin to reduce the pain medication slowly.

So for now i am calling Him DD... for now...... soon as He can catch me.. it will be "yes Sir.. no Sir.. thank you very much Sir !!"

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  1. DD, huh? You sure that doesn't mean Delightful Dom?


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