Wednesday, September 19, 2007


On Monday morning .. bright and early.. before the sun is up .. i am taking Sir into the hospital for day surgery. i have all the instructions on what He is to do and not do before the surgery and after........

My problem is this...... (if i was allowed to.. i would beg )... Sir has to be on a bland diet following the surgery. i have been searching and googling for ideas for a bland diet. i am getting nowhere. i need suggestions people on what to feed Sir .. taking into consideration He is also a diabetic - so fresh fruit (which i found in one of my searches) is out of the question.

i am going to cook up some hard boiled eggs and make a bland egg salad ....... i have the ingredients to make chicken soup....... but good lord what else can i feed Him???

HELP........ please..........


  1. Anonymous7:58 pm

    mashed potatoes; unseasoned chicken?; cooked veggies without seasoning; jello? i'm not positive about these, but they sound bland to me.

    i do hope your Sir recovers quickly.


  2. mashed potatoes.. excellent!! Sir loves potatoes..... and jello i had completely forgotten about jello.. and they have sugar free jello......

    thank you pet so much !! i am feeling encouraged...

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  3. I found this in a nursing manual:
    "The diet consists of any variety of regular foods and beverages, which are prepared or consumed without black pepper, chili powder, or chili pepper. Chocolate, coffee, tea, caffeine-containing products, and decaffeinated coffee are not included in the diet. The diet should be as liberal as possible and individualized to meet the needs of the patient. Foods, which cause the patient discomfort, should be avoided. Small, frequent feedings may be prescribed to lower the acidity of the gastric content and for the physical comfort of the patient."

    I'd say low spice, low salt, low acidity, soft, easily digestible foods.
    Broccoli, cabbage, onions would be bad. Lol.
    If you make soup make it less salty, use less spices.

    In the hospital people always get a lot of clear soups, puddings, oatmeals, mashed potatoes, fairly plain sandwiches.
    Stay away from things with kernels, things that take a lot of work to digest, etc.

    I'm sure you'll get a hand out afterwards but you may want to ask if you can talk to a dietitian while you're waiting on the surgery to be done just to ease your mind.

    Good luck!

  4. Anonymous8:54 pm

    How about:
    Noodles with butter
    Scrambled eggs
    Tuna noodle casserole
    French toast
    Potato soup
    Banana bread
    Steamed chicken with rice
    Broiled fish

  5. ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is like the BRAT diet.

    Tom and I are diabetic, too, so I know just how you feel. Go for the soft, tender things. I remember when I was VERY sick...a baked potato with a little butter was glorious and made my tummy very happy. Same thing with grilled chicken, no marinade. Lower sodium broths are good. And you could drop a few noodles into it and that would be gentle and tasty. Soft scrambled eggs, with a slice of dry toast and hot tea was another of my favorite things.

    And fruit is not such a great idea. Most of them will cause a certain amount of gas, and if he is having surgery, he will NOT want that!

    Swan makes the BEST homemade applesauce. Apples, cinnamon, Splenda and water, me thinks. But I will ask her to send you the recipe. It is fine for us diabetics.

    And on this coming Saturday, in a small town near us, it is Applefest time!! So while Tom & swan have their Sat. morning to "vo-de-o-do"...I will be off buying a ton of apples. I am going to have Swan's homemade applesauce FOREVER!!!!!!!!


  6. oh my!! thank you all for such wonderful advise!!

    i fear i am more nervous about causing Sir more discomfort after His surgery than i am about not really knowing what a bland diet is..... i just want His recovery to be as quick and easy as possible.

    mashed potatoes, and jello are definitely high on the list.... and toast...

    i am going to print up everyone's suggestion and have it at the ready when Sir starts to complain about bland food..... god the man loves his spicy foods !!!

    again many many thanks !!!

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  7. Thanks everyone for helping out My littleone...

    I have been told from the young Dr that gave Me My Pre-Op physical that I could eat anything I wanted, but I am going to enjoy the eggs ( littleone can't have them for medical reasons), the potatoes and the sugar-free Jell-O that I got in the USA on the last trip...

    Owner of morningstar ( the nurse )

  8. well, I sent the applesauce "recipe" but Blogger seems to have eaten it...

    Quarter, core, peel and slice whatever apples you like -- I usually do about a dozen and a half or so. Add water to almost cover and enough Splenda(c) to sweeten to taste. Cook on medium heat until the liquid is reduced and the apples soften. Mash (like potatoes) to whatever consistency you prefer -- we like ours a little lumpy. Add about 1-2 tablespoons of butter to warm sauce and stir to blend. You can add a bit of cinnamon if you like it at the end, although if you are going for "bland," you may want to leave the cinnamon out.

    I hope that the surgery goes well and that both of you are aware that your friends are thinking of you as you go through this...

    hugs, swan


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