Thursday, October 04, 2007


This is just a quickie... i didn't want anyone thinking i had disappeared into the great void that is the internet..........

With Sir home mending.. drakor home in his vanilla life.. there just hasn't been a whole lot to talk about... unless of course you want to hear about my cats getting into the garbage yesterday while i was at work and eating 4 .. yes FOUR... potatoes... and then my lil female who sleeps beside me every night decided at midnight to start puking up all the potatoe....... off the end of the bed.. when i yelled.. she moved to under the TV and when i jumped out of bed (definitely NOT a good idea when you are old and half asleep ) she ran to the other side of the bed and continued puking there.. so i had a floor to wash when i would much rather have been sleeping........

AND then ..yes i nearly forgot.. remember the squirrels from a year or so ago?? my nemesis who took up residence in the condo?? well they have been taunting me all summer long.. and getting much much worse now that fall is here.. they have been burying food on my patio...... there is nothing to dig in on my patio so i find all this rotten food stuffed in the barbque .... under the wicker table.. under the planters... they wiggle their asses at me and mock me and i swear i hear them laughing at me while they peer at me through the living room windows..

i have tried spraying them with water like i do with the cats.. they just run off laughing .. i have tried tossing buckets of water at them.. but they dodge and duck and run faster than i can toss....

It has been a frustrating fall...........

On the weekend though....... i heard them playing (i thought they were playing.. how was i to know??? ) and i watched them running and 'frolicking' through the bushes in the backyard.. they were rolling around and looking so playful that i ran and got my camera and snapped a couple of pictures of them................... OH MY GOD!!! they were fornicating!!! fornicating i say in MY backyard..

i swear it is a plot .. to drive me utterly and completely crazy... come spring i won't have just 2 squirrels taunting me and the poor cats (who may be out of my bad books by then) BUT baby squirrels too............. do you think i can sell and move?? will they follow me?? am i being paranoid???

i need my Sir healthy and drakor back from vanilla life...... i need some sanity !!!!


  1. Is that not called getting a piece of tail? Sorry to hear about the cats glad to hear it was last night and not Sunday!LOL

  2. Anonymous4:09 pm

    lol..... im laughing sooo hard as i write this! yours is the second journal that i read daily that gave me exactly what i needed today... belly laughs, tears in my eyes and a huge smile left on my face! lol... thank you! hugs, Hisflower

  3. Sir wants Sir back....

  4. Squirrels have a wicked sense of humor.


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