Monday, November 20, 2006


Now i don't want to be known as a whiner.... BUT ......... after Friday's session with the tack bra dontcha think that my breasts deserved some respite???

BUT ohhhhhhh no... after an absolutely fun day with Sir Christmas shopping and putting up Christmas lights and planting reindeer (do ya think i will grow a reindeer tree??) Saturday evening found me in my usual spot lying at Sir's feet watching TV.

At some point Sir moved around so that He was positioned directly above me..... His hand reached down and pulled up my snuggly sweatshirt exposing my breasts............. Then He began to squeeze them .. and slap them.. and grab the nipples pulling them directly upwards as far as (no no .. farther than that !!!) they would go... squeezed them tight.. shook my breasts... and then after a twisting turn released the nipples allowing the breasts to plunk down (plunk down is the best description i can come up with!!)

At one point i tried to grasp His wrists to slow Him down?? discourage Him?? i really have no idea why i thought i could change His plans by grasping His wrists........ to prevent knee jerk grabs at His hands i landed up lying on my hands..... and focusing on the different sensations between pinching, twisting, pulling, and shaking. There really IS a difference if you take time to notice........ honest !! true !!!

i am left wondering if Sir's Christmas spirit is manifesting itself in tit torture........ stay tuned.. when i figure it out i will let you all know!!!

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  1. Christmast what a lovely time of the year has your Sir decide to decorate everything he owns this year? Such as nipple and breast perhaps a string of lights or garland? I have not seen them yet but I hear there are clip on ornaments that can be found this year. A real Christmas tree when it first is out of the netting has to be stretch out, the branches should be positioned to show there beauty and allow for decoration. Perhaps that is what you Sir was doing getting all ready for Christmas decorating. Should he need help or wishes ideas on how to keep you straight well just let me nknow I could suggest serval things and places a pol could go to help keep you straight. Oh or is that a May pole I was thinking about hmmmm.


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