Monday, November 13, 2006

long time

It feels like such a long time since i had anything juicy.. anything BDSM .. to write about here..........

It doesn't just FEEL like a long time .. it has been a long time!! i thought i had lost the urge.. the desire.. the need......... i was inches away from panicking... what happens to old subbies??? Is there an old subbie home for them to limp away to ???

It has been a month of fighting a virus (that trust me folks i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy) .. a month of adjusting to new meds that have left my muscles sore and strained and achy.. (or was that the virus?? ) It has been a month of being sleepy by 9 p.m. It has been a month of little or no focus.. desire.. or laughter.. In short.. it has been the month from hell.

But... just to remind me who was really in charge of this old body.. on Friday night i was awakened from a long winter's nap .. to feel Sir pushing me roughly over onto my stomach.. feeling his hand work its way into me.. feeling it caressing me.. deep inside.. finding that special little spot that woke me instantly......... the grogginess .. the whinning .. the oh my god He can't be serious!! all vanished with the touch of His hand....... i remember clutching at the pillow.. lifting my hips to meet His thrusts.. begging for release.. and of course.. release being granted........ i remember snuggling up to my Sir's back... enjoying the warmth and security and the absolute joy that He still found a way to use me.. that He still wanted to use me............

And then on Saturday .. for fun.. Sir fastened clothes pins to my soft pink bits.. i screeched and whined and moaned... the pain was wonderful.... it soothed me .. in a ridiculous sort of way.......... i lay at Sir's feet and was thoroughly enjoying it.. when He decided in His evil way .. that He absolutely HAD to have a cup of coffee...... COFFEE??? that meant finding a way to work myself up to my feet without doing too much damage to said pink bits... i shuffled rather than walked.. legs spread apart to avoid pulling too much on the damn clothes pins.. feeling my face blush as Sir laughed at my antics and snapped picture after picture of me shuffling along.. clothes pins dangling.....

And then the time came to remove them.. and Sir asked me.. "all at once ..or one at a time?" ONE AT A TIME of course !!! my god.. what was He thinking .. all at once.. geeeeeeeez !!! And so He tugged at the first one.. and i felt Him sort of shaking it.. pulling it.. and i opened my mouth.. and in such a good subbie way asked "what the hell ARE You doing??" And He laughed and said "This one is stuck on .. good and stuck!!" And with that gave a might heave.. (ok ok it felt like a mighty heave!!) and off it popped... Fortunately none of the others were quite so stuck on......... Once freed from the evil bite.. my hands flew down to check.. to make sure everything was still where it should be...... and it was.. of course !!!

And today.. Monday.. sitting in my office staring at the computer screen i had this tremendous urge to feel a flogger again.. or a cane.. or a whip......... and i realized i may have turned the corner.. the virus may actually have lost its strangle hold on me.. and life may once again move forward..........


  1. Anonymous7:22 pm

    That's interesting point ..move forward !!

    Jack "Moveer" Aré

  2. littleone...

    I really didn't want the cup of coffee but more to see you in your pleasure of pain, pity I didn't have the camera because the look of panic on your face was wonderful...

    Owner of morningstar

  3. morning dear. you have a Sir like my Master. Doesnt really want it, just to see us savor our pain and pleasure. too cute!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!!


  4. Glad to see you are feeling better. You should be completely fine by Christmas, I'm sure. Have you ever tried vitamin C supplements? You have to take a *lot*, but I haven't really been sick in oh... two to three years. Lots of fluids really do help too.

    I'll bet the clothes pin wasn't really stuck though. :)

  5. I'm glad to know you are feeling better. I wish I was there. I'd make some chicken soup to make it allllll better!



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