Friday, November 10, 2006


Yesterday i went and checked on the Holidailies site.. for those of you who have just joined me here on The Journey...... last December i entered the Holidailes and posted every day from Dec 1 - Jan 3 or something like that.... and i was thinking it was time to check and see if it was time to sign up again..... for some stupid reason i rather enjoyed the discipline of writing every day........i love Christmas .. love the lights the sounds the smells the music... i even changed my blog to reflect the Christmas season and my devotion to Holidailies.........

Now i have to add here - for those of you who weren't around last Christmas - that my Sir is a GRINCH... a total complete Grinch!!! One is more likely to hear Him muttering "bah humbug" than Merry Christmas.......... and yet .. it always amazes me who hides the most gifts under the tree.. who wants to drag ME around Christmas shopping for just the RIGHT gift for some one special !!

Now i should have seen this coming........ last weekend we were out shopping and Sir bought the new grandbaby a Christmas present !!! and it is only November !!! i should have seen this coming... but i didn't....

(editorial note here......... i have been having trouble dealing with a virus - i am into my 3rd week with it.. AND the Doc gave me new meds to control my blood pressure which are working just fine thank you very much - and making me feel really yucky!! so Christmas is not exactly a holiday i am looking forward to )

Last night Sir suggested that i find the Christmas lights for the house...... (suggested really means "order") and i kinda whined and muttered cause i HATE putting up the lights... even though Sir has bought a new fangled gadget to help get those lights up there......i just don't have the stamina or energy or desire to do much more than think about Christmas lights...

Then this morning i got an email from Sir.. sent to my daughters as well... inviting us all to a Tree Decorating event (in December thank god) !!! now i know i said my pressure is much better.. but let me tell you !!! i nearly had a heart attack when i read that... could it be?? is it possible ?? that MY Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes this year????

So....... i am guessing by the end of this weekend....... my house just may resemble this....
and like it or not.. Christmas will be celebrated with all the bells and whistles of years gone by..........


  1. BAH HUMBUG is still alive and well in the Great White North

    Owner of morningstar

  2. You know that picture of the Grinch does sort of look like your Sir, a little lest hairy but I do think it captures him

  3. And I will echo that BAH HUMBUG! It is the season when I begin to suffer through the reality that I live with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. I cannot imagine what I was thinking when I let myself in for this annual misery...



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