Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Munches and hugs..

Sunday was our monthly munch (get together for dinner with other like minded people in the scene here in the Great White North). i used to adore going to munches .. back when.. loads of people came out (30 or more) and interesting topics got discussed.. or a sub or two got chastised.. back when..............

Now we are lucky to manage 15 people out....... and yeah yeah i get it Sir !! it doesn't take all that much organising on my part any more... BUT......... it does seem an awful lot of effort for a handful of die hard supporters .. friends actually.. and sometimes i wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to have them here for dinner..... ok ok it defeats the whole purpose of a public munch .. i know i know!! AND i also know that there are a whole mess of people out there who don't have any sort of active community to 'munch' with so quit my bitching...........

Anywayyyyyyyyyyy.. This month it was even more difficult for me to get showered and changed and get my ass out the door cause it was our Canadian version of the American Super Bowl......... and my all time favourite team "Alouettes" were playing...... but being the good sub i am (stop choking!!!) i did shower and change and get my cute lil ass ready ........

When i went downstairs to join Sir.. there He stood .. tack bra in hand... with that evil wicked grin.. only Doms can get .. on His face. i struggled into the tack bra.. feeling every pin point prick like a needle being inserted. i held my breathe while Sir tugged and tightened and shifted and arranged everything just so. Then off we went.

At the munch......... Sir took great delight in having me greet everyone with a big hug... Everyone of course was more than willing to give me bear hugs... especially once they learned i was wearing the tack bra. The really good thing about the munch..... they had a large screen TV and i did get to watch (between hugs and gasps) my dearly beloved Alouettes lose to the BC Lions.

Thankfully.......... Sir left Monday morning with no further damage to my bruised, spotted and aching breasts.........

(i have posted to the photojournal - see the link at the right)


  1. A tack bra and the Alouettes getting their ass handed to them as the Lions s l o w l y strolled over them as though they were going for a walk in the park.

    Hope it all hurt only as much as you wanted it too.

  2. Buffalo.... stamping my foot.. You are SOOOOOOOO mean to rub my nose in the Alouette loss ..

    i will now go pout some more..

  3. Discretion seals my lips from further comment


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