Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One more time.......

Remember these guys?? the bull dog clamps??? i am beginning to think they are fast becoming Sir's favourite task for me. Last evening Sir was out for dinner... so i got busy and did paper work, cleaned the office - you know what i mean.. got things done - after all i wasn't expected to be online at 8 pm.

Well slap me upside the head!!! At 6:00 pm just before Sir left for dinner.. He sent me an email that required that i put two bull dog clamps on my pussy lips for 15 minutes... remove them and masterbate with my favourite vibrator BUT not to cum. Then at 8 repeat procedure. At 9 take my bath and then go to bed and masturbate till i cum. Great.. only problem was .. i didn't log on till after 8 to receive this task email! What a rush trying to fit everything in before the 9 o'clock bath time. i had to report to Sir this morning that as much as i did orgasm after my bath.. it wasn't a particularily earth shattering one.

Welllll guess what folks?! Sir is working tonite.. and i got an email when i arrived home reminding me of this fact.. and ordering a repeat of last night's tasks .. but on schedule!!
Two nights in a row of bull dog clamps???!!! and i thought i was gonna have another night free to get the cleaning done........... oh welllllllllll such is the life of a subbie........ and maybe Sir won't notice the hair balls under the couch ??

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