Sunday, November 19, 2006


psssst come close.. do i have a blog for you... all about transitions !!!!

Usually my Sir is pretty much like Raheretic (swan's Master) .. He just expects me to be there when He arrives....... there is no little ritual that He uses to get me there.. i am just expected to be there!

On Friday when i drove into the parking lot of our little condo.. i was half surprised to see Sir's car already tucked into it's space. i mumbled a little bit under my breath that i had the time it takes to empty my car and walk to the door - to pull myself through the transition and be there !!! i entered the house and stood looking (dumbly i might add) at two black bags sitting by the front door. i lifted my eyes to see our friend and Dom - Clouddarklight - sitting in the wing back chair in the living room - there truthfully aren't any words to describe the tableau that played out in front of me.. or inside me!!! My heart was pounding and i wasn't the least bit sure of what was going on... was i going to be sent to the kitchen to make coffee?? was i going to be gestured to come and sit at Sir's feet???

i was told in no uncertain terms to go upstairs and strip and bring the tack bra back down. Everything seemed to move so fast.... the tack bra was strapped on.. and pulled tight.. i picked up Cloud's black bags and carried them down the stairs to the playroom.......... Sir and Cloud were busy discussing where i would be hung........ (the chains won out) and without a "by your leave" i was strung up and the quirt was removed from its place of honour on the wall and was being used on my ass..... i gasped ... my mind was racing to catch up.. just 15 minutes ago i was getting out of the car - dressed like the teacher i am.. carrying my purse and briefcase and all the outward signs of a woman in control....... and here i was naked (except for the tack bra) hanging from chains in the ceiling being stroked and hit with a quirt.....

Just a small side comment here........... having a tack bra on... good and tight.. and then having one's arms stretched to the limits clipped to chains .. tends to bring ticky tacky pin prick ouches to the underside of one's breasts (more so than just normally wearing it) .. but i wasn't worried.. i had been here before.. no matter how much it hurts.. no matter how much it feels like my breasts are being slowly mauled and turned into raw hamburger meat.. there is never a mark to show for it..kaya promised.. never a mark!! .. i was calm .. i wasn't worried !!

Sir and Cloud took turns for a bit working over my ass with the quirt... then Cloud selected one of my least favourite tawses and started to work on my ass... Sir was using the quirt on my pussy and bra covered breasts... There was a fair amount of bantering going on between the two men... my mind was trying very hard to keep up with it all.. the talking/bantering.. the pain on my pussy.. on my breasts.. on my ass...

Then Sir suggested that it was probably a good time for Cloud to bring out the new toys He had made......... i have been the "toy test dummy" before for Cloud's toys... and i knew for certain that the only thing that WAS certain was that the next few minutes were gonna be lessons in surprises .. and pain........ and different sensations...

The first toy Cloud used felt .. in the final analysis.. razor sharp......... biting cutting slicing into my skin........ it got a rating of 9 out of 10 (cause i never ever give a 10 out of 10!!) This toy had me dancing my subbie jig of pain........

Cloud handed off that toy to Sir and reached for the next one.... While Sir was flicking away at my clit jewelry and breasts (still wrapped safe and sound inside the tack bra) Cloud went to work on my ass with the second toy...... i remember murmuring it felt pretty much like a flogger - much like my "stings like a thousand bees" flogger only with a little less bite.........

The Cloud reached for the final toy........... final being literal and figurative.......... that one nearly finished me off.. it felt much like a whip.......... with a hell of a wrap around..... more than once the tongue would lash around my hip and catch the edge of my pussy...

Sir was working on my breasts.. but every once in a while He would wander around behind me and i would feel the tempo pick up.. feel the sting that only Sir can give me.. and then Sir would wander back around and go to work on my breasts again........ at one point.. and for the life of me i have NO idea what toy it was .. but the toy caught the bra and flicked one of the tacks buried inside.. i let out a yelp that could have been heard at the North Pole i am sure !!! Sir moved over and undid the bra and let it slide up ........... He gleefully pointed out that my breast was bleeding... i glanced down to see .. yes .. i had been impaled on one of the tacks... more than one.. but one was bleeding...... all the while Cloud was busy working away on my ass and tops of my thighs..

It wasn't long after that that Sir and Cloud took me down ... and Cloud left to join His wife for dinner.. and i was left curled up at Sir's feet with fairies whispering in my ear..... welts forming on my ass... and pin point holes left in my breasts from kaya's tack bra........... KAYA!!!!!!!!


  1. I agree, you're asked to be in so many different spaces. It would be easier if you didn't want to please so damn much. I want to please with my reactions, but when they are so spontaneous cause i dont know what is going to happen, then it's hard....I think that's good though, it makes it more honest, the reactions i mean. But still, finding the right head space is hard.

    Thank you for your welcome littleone. And what an experience you had ;)

  2. I am so glad yo enjoyed your Friday

  3. Thank you for sharing your glorious experience with us. i so enjoy reading you!!! You are a gem in the world.


  4. Anonymous9:28 am

    I've only bled once with the tack bra. Hence my *almost never* wording about

    Though, once the tack bra is in the hands of the sadist, all gaurantees are null and void. :D

    And just how excited are you about those marks!



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