Sunday, November 05, 2006

contemplating my navel

It has been a tiresome weird sort of week.......... started on Monday when my doc decided to tweak my meds ... and diagnosed that i had some weird and wonderful virus that was slowing me down and making me feel like something the cat dragged in.. (great time to tweak meds!!)

The rest of the week was spent (literally) dragging myself off to work .. trying to survive 7 plus hours there.. then finding the strength to drag myself home again.... usually for a brief chat with Sir.. a bath and bed...

In the mean time the new meds decided to work over time and my body has been struggling to deal with what the medical profession calls normal.. but what my body doesn't understand......... all to say i have been flip flopping between being light headed.. sleepy and just plain dopey (NO comments from the peanut gallery about my being dopey thank you very much !!!)

This weekend i had managed to find enough strength to be semi human again.. so Sir and i went and did a wee bit of Christmas shopping (and don't get me started on Christmas !! the usual yearly compromise plans have all gone to hell in a handbasket and i am wondering if Christmas will even happen in this lil house) And then last evening we went off to a friend's 40th surprise birthday party.

If there was any doubt in anyone's mind that the combination of virus and new pills was dragging me down..... it was all banished this afternoon when Sir applied clothes pegs to my soft pink bits .. oh yeah AND my breasts.. and i managed to fall asleep!!!! Go figure!!! and trust me when i say .. it hurt like hell when they came off.. my sleeping body bonded (literally and figuratively) with the clothes pegs .. and it was all one BIG OUCH!!

And i am still contemplating my navel .. looking for answers to age old questions... like peace in our time and feeding the multitudes with 5 loaves and fishes..... knowing in my heart of heart my beliefs can not all be wrong.. or all naive.. and somehow somewhere there is an answer.......... and one day mothers won't feel guilt and children won't hurt.. and what is that quote ........... the lion will once again lay down with the lamb........??


  1. Your beliefs aren't wrong. Neither do I think you to be naive - you know what the world is like. You're not looking at it through rose colored glasses.

    I believe the key lies in realizing that we can do much to change our world, but little that we can do to change the entire world.

    Does that make sense?

  2. makes absolute perfect sense to me Buffalo.......... i work one kid at a time.. one day at a time (some days only an hour at a time) .. like i said to you before.. i do believe in the pebble effect.. drop a pebble in a pond and let the ripples take over..

    change WILL come .. one day at a time..


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