Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Sweltering Heat

We have spent the entire month of July (well I have!) waiting for sunshine and summer heat.  

Yesterday I went back to town to do laundry and start the baking / prep work for Sir Steve's big birthday bash this weekend.  It was 30degrees C .....which is 86 for anyone who doesn't 'get' celsius ......  By the time I got back to the camp grounds around 4 I was a grease spot.  It doesn't help that Sir Steve is working outside this week -- contracted to put in a fence!! 

Today the temperatures are supposed to be the same and I am back to the city to cook again.  And Sir Steve is back to the fence contract.

Best part -- Saturday - the day of the birthday bash - is supposed to be cloudy and cool.  Ain't life grand?!


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