Friday, August 04, 2017

Birthday Boy

The weekend is just about here.  I am in town again making shrimp pate and potatoe salad and getting all the food ready to load into my car.  

Last night Sir Steve threw me by telling me that the friend he had invited to stay on our site for his birthday party is actually coming TODAY??!!!  He thought I somehow understood his birthday party meant Friday through Sunday.  I was a little stressed.  See I had this special present for him......... and knew it was something between us -- not something I wanted to share until he had opened it,  (I'm strange that way) 

Anyway -- Sir Steve was up at the crack of dawn with me this morning.  We were sitting outside in the sunshine having our coffee together before I left for town and I realized today IS his birthday and that i could give it to him over breakfast.

I think I was more excited about seeing his reaction than anything else.  He was surprised!!  and he loved it!!  and it has a very special meaning for both of us........ 

I bought him a Samurai sword (decorative)..............

And now I am off to pack the car and head back to the campsite and much planning and organising and entertaining..............

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