Thursday, March 02, 2017

This 'n That

Life has been just a little bit crazy around here - crazy busy
First off -- my job decided my credentials from Quebec didn't work -- so I needed to be re-certified.  So I have been taking upteen exams etc and getting all my certificates current. 

And I have to admit I wonder a little about the program I am working in.......... last night I took an orientation course (after working both the morning and the afternoon shifts) which apparently I should have had BEFORE I started working.......... go figure!!

Then just cause I don't have enough going on in my life -- I was rushing to grab some food at noon before my hairdresser appointment and before I went back to work -- and I managed to spill my diet pepsi over my new lap top ............ now half the keys don't work (see my frustrated face?!)  The chap who would fix it (or try to) is out  of town till the middle of March so I am working on my old laptop -- limping along trying to make the best of things

What I need desperately is a big hug from Sir Steve......... and that will happen tonite..

I am going to bring the old lap top with me so expect to see me on The Journey as normal............

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