Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Ex - a bit of the back story

Yesterday Sugarshack asked me this question:

 question : not to bring up old wounds, but since you and SirSteve knew each other years ago with "W" does "W" know about you two ? has he contacted SirSteve at all ? does it even matter if he knows or contacts SirSteve ?

And yesterday I received an email (teasing me I hope) suggesting I stop writing like a love sick teenager....... 

So I thought I would kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) get off the love sick teenager kick and give you a little back story from 8 years ago.

8 years ago -- W was seeing other women behind my back -- playing with another woman behind my back and defending her outrageous  behaviour towards me.  I took my collar off in a fit of anger.  I disappeared from the BDSM scene and spent a couple of months licking my wounds.  

A dear friend finally convinced me it was time to move out of the shadows and got me to go with him to a play party - where he promised me 'I would meet the hottest woman EVER!'  She was "hot" trust me -- but it was her husband that caught my eye...... and it was her husband I played with.... that husband was Sir Steve.  Back in the day when I wrote about them I called them the "2 Sirs".

Back then W knew about my involvement with the 2 Sirs -- in fact he showed up at a huge event that we went to -- and stood watching Sir Steve beat me.  BUT there was no real interaction between us all -- and certainly the 2 Sirs knew of W but weren't friends with him.  

When the marriage between the 2 Sirs ended we all drifted apart. I went back to W because I was alone and missing someone in my life -- and W was familiar and I was sure we would make it work this time.

And that brings us up to September of this year when Sir Steve contacted me on Facebook.

I can't say for sure that W knows about Sir Steve and I -- but I do know he comes here to read -- and he knows my history well enough to put two and two together..... Also enough common friends have commented on our status change both on Facebook and Fetlife that I would be very surprised if W doesn't know by now.

W has not contacted Sir Steve -- I am not sure why he would - to be honest.  And I do know for certain that Sir Steve would not be all that patient with W should he contact him.   Neither Sir Steve nor myself much care if he knows -- and should we bump into him at an event (which isn't likely as W seems to have stopped attending anything) we would be courteous but nothing more.  There's just too much water under the bridge ya know.

When Sir Steve and I were pushing that reset button -- he said something about my going back to W after we parted ways....... something to the effect that he wasn't that surprised.  Some days I feel like a slow learner (small smile) -- it took me two readings of the same book to figure out the ending would be the same.  Now this 'book' I am reading will have a very different ending....... of that I am sure :)


SugarSack said...

thank you for this post - I was somehow under the impression "W" and SirSteve were friends, my mistake

and just for clarification its SACK not shack :) I do get that a lot


morningstar said...

oh lord - SugarSACK -- I am so sorry -- I should learn to read not speed read -- speed reading leads to mistakes like that... trust me -- it won't happen again :)

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