Wednesday, March 01, 2017


I have had more sex in the last 8 weeks than in the last 8 years!  Sir Steve is insistent that all my wishes be granted in the bedroom -- all of them!  many times every weekend !!

Can I say he's good ..... no wait -- more than good -- he's the BEST lover a girl could want.  Attentive, teasing, tempting, and (cheeky grin) long lasting!  


(you knew there had to be a 'but' right?? come on!  you must have known!)

I have become spoiled -- and it is truly an alien feeling for me -- especially in the bedroom.  and I don't like the feeling -- weird eh?  It is too easy to fall into the trap of being egocentric -- of forgetting there are two of us in this relationship......of taking and taking -- and not giving.  

Sir Steve tells me over and over how much he loves watching my orgasms -- watching my reactions to them... that it pleases him.. and I am nothing if not a 'pleaser' ........ but I worry it isn't enough -- for him or for me.

For the first time in my life I want to please a man physically - completely.  I want to look into his eyes -- I want to suck his cock and see every vein - every little pulse - I want to do all the wanton things I have only ever dreamed of......... 

It's a funny thing -- I have spent years in and out of therapy trying to overcome so many hang ups -- so many insecurities -- and one man opened up my world -- told me it was ok to feel the things I was feeling -- who gave me feelings I have never experienced before -- and in just 8 short weeks I have made more progress towards healing then years in therapy.

It boggles my mind how much the love of a good man can heal the mind and body.

And that is indeed a VERY good thing!


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