Monday, March 13, 2017

Sex Ed

It was a good weekend meeting Sir Steve's family - a little overwhelming at first -- but we all got through it in one piece.

The most fun part - - and for me the most educational part of the weekend -- was when Sir Steve and I headed off to bed.  We shared our room with Sir Steve's lil one.... so being quiet and 'well behaved' was definitely a necessity.  

But Sir Steve had told me a couple of weeks ago -- that when I wake up in the middle of the night and feel the need for some 'loving' then all I have to do is 'reach out and touch someone' (to coin a phrase).  I haven't done it -- never have actually reached  out  and played with a sleeping cock... EVER.  (yeah I know my sex ed is sadly lacking!)  

On Saturday evening the devil was in me -- I was feeling just a little bit bratty (I think it came from being SO well behaved all day long!)   So as Sir Steve snuggled under the covers I reached and grabbed hold of his cock -- all the while whispering sweetly to him.  And with little effort it started to harden and grow.  What a feeling of 'power' .. of control .... of teasing!!  I know I had this cheeky grin on my face the bigger he got.  He was grinning back at me - and every so often would try to sound stern and say "GO TO SLEEP!" but I just ignored him and kept playing....... until he was rock hard   (I am such a sweet lil angel) 

There was no way this play time was gonna go any further than some teasing -- even if his cock was rock hard and straining against my hand.  After all the lil one was asleep right beside us!!

Finally he gave me a firm "go to sleep" and my eyes were heavy -- so I rolled over on my side -- snuggled my ass up tight against his pulsing cock and drifted off to sleep with a big smile on my face.

I will be with Sir Steve all this week (I am on spring break) and anticipate more 'reaching out and touching someone' this week -- learning more about the hidden skills I have -- even Sir Steve's threat that I am SO gonna be teased unmercifully cannot deter me -- I want to learn more about this thing called a cock -- and the wondrous things it can do !!

Really !! it's all to advance my sex education which is truly lacking and Sir Steve is such a good teacher !

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