Saturday, March 18, 2017

Quiet Day

oooooooooooops I think I wore Sir Steve out .... or broke him -- not too sure which it is ... 

BUT to give him a little break -- I went back to Kingston yesterday to check on Missy the cat - refill her food trays and have a snuggle .......... and then back to Sir Steve to cook a wonderful pork loin for dinner -- I have given up trying to do 'food porn' entries cause I always forget to take pictures... (can I say "distracted"?? )


I told Sir Steve what I was writing -- about wearing him out -- and he gave me THAT look -- you know the look -- and asked if the 11 1/2 hour days at work might just have a little something to do with it??!!!  There is no way I am gonna admit to that -- I rather like the idea that *I* wore him out ya know??? 

Today we are heading to Montreal to celebrate eldest grandson's birthday -- Then I am supposed to get the rest of the day and most of Sunday in bed with Sir Steve -- but the important part of that is grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk for Sunday lunch IN BED !!!  a picnic in bed ......... YAY!!!

Life is good when your subbie is contented -- and ok maybe just a little bratty.

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