Monday, March 27, 2017


Well I finished my last re-certification course and despite my high anxiety over the testing I passed with flying colours.

When I got home -- like usual -- I had way too much time on my hands.  I went to Fetlife and did some browsing...... folks were talking about a munch they all attended on Friday night and I felt a tug on my heart strings.  I miss the friends I have made over the last 3 years....... and I know my time with them all is fast coming to an end.  I need to be with Sir Steve -- I need to be closer to my children -- but it doesn't mean I am not gonna miss my friends who are like family - ya know?

Maybe some of it is -- circumstances have kept Sir Steve and I in the vanilla world too long.  I am missing being with like minded folks.  Maybe it's time I start looking for some parties to go to ...... maybe even a munch or two back in my old stamping grounds of Montreal....... 

Today I am headed back to Cornwall to be with Sir Steve when he sees the surgeon for his post op appointment.  I have taken this week off work as well -- one last week of being together 24/7 then back to the norm............ 

Life is good -- even with the small glitches.

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