Saturday, March 11, 2017

Meet the Flockers

We are on the road again.  This time heading west to meet Sir Steve's family.  

Now in all fairness he met my whole ham dam family at the end of January.  Sir Steve handled it like a pro -- even met my ex husband and didn't flinch.

I need to channel his vibes......... cause I am flinching.  BIG TIME!   I wasn't supposed to meet them officially until Easter and figured I had time to prepare myself ya know?  Only thing is Sir Steve's sister from out west is in visiting his parents and he hasn't seen her in 11 years.  So we're off to meet the family this weekend.

I spent most of this week thinking about what I would wear -- and praying my hair will behave and not have a "bad hair" day -- and then on Wednesday I remembered I had wanted to get my new winter coat (which is white -- and yes I was warned about buying a white coat!)  cleaned.  GAH!!  the cleaners promised they would have it done by Friday night...............cutting it just a tad close.

I think the thing that is worrying me the most is that when Sir Steve told his dad he was "seeing someone new" his dad said "don't rush things" and Sir Steve said "too late for that".  GAH!  Then I asked how old his parents were and literally held my breath (please please let them be older than me!)  Thankfully they are older -- not by much -- but still they are older.

Anyway I have packed enough clothes to last a week -- have armed myself with all available hair products to hopefully prevent 'bad hair' days -- and if all else fails I am sure I can find a nice dark corner to hide in............ 

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