Friday, March 03, 2017


I arrived at Sir Steve's late yesterday afternoon 
This morning he left early for work and I got the lil one off to the school bus.  Now my day stretches ahead of me -- what to do? what to do??

I did have great plans -- made a list of apartments/neighbourhoods I thought I might scope out .... thought I might find some of the stores and malls.  BUT now the time is actually here I am finding all sorts of excuses not to budge out of the house -- it's cold out there!!  There's a great movie on Netflix I am watching.  OH and I might get lost -- which is a totally silly fear cause my GPS gets me to Sir Steve's every time ........ 

So for now I will watch the movie -- spoil the dog who comes outside with me when I go for a smoke -- and maybe later I will venture out into this new and strange town -- OR I might just find another movie -- and spend my day waiting for Sir Steve to come home............ after all it is Friday -- and my batteries do need re-charging........ 

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