Monday, March 06, 2017

Between Here and There

Half way home yesterday I had to pull into a rest stop -- I had a minor break down -- the tears just wouldn't stop.  I felt really stupid ........ but this limbo stage might just drive me right round the bend.

Sir Steve and I had a great weekend together -- which just makes it harder to leave him ya know.  I feel so bloody stupid -- it's not like we're not gonna see each other next weekend -- and it's not like we're not doing everything to prepare for my moving -- but this limbo is bloody hard on me.

And then to make matters worse -- the old lap top -- that is replacing my new one till my "computer mechanic" gets back in town -- started acting up -- and reminded me why I had bought the new one.............. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... not having a computer was nearly my total undoing.
I thought about not being able to chat with Sir Steve easily -- thought about not being able to pour my heart out here on The Journey -- and I just had a good cry.  I am wayyyyyyy too emotional for my own good!  I coaxed the old laptop through a scan and it is working again........ so here's to two weeks of holding my breath till I can get the new one looked at.

AND on a positive note -- next week I am on spring break and can spend as much time as I want -- well as much time as my dear cat Missy will allow me -- with Sir Steve.

I really do have to find better topics to discuss on here -- I know I am sounding like a love sick teenager.

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SugarSack said...

keep posting, you love sick teenager :) so happy you are happy

question : not to bring up old wounds, but since you and SirSteve knew eachother years ago with "W" does "W" know about you two ? has he contacted SirSteve at all ? does it even matter if he knows or contacts SirSteve ?

none of my business at all... really just wondered how you felt about all that / those possibilities

thank you and all my best to you


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