Saturday, March 04, 2017

And So it Begins

A year and a half ago -- or more -- I was looking for an apartment.  Eldest daughter gave me really good advise - she suggested that I scope out the neighbourhoods -- check out the buildings from the outside -- get a 'feel' for where I was looking.

For the last week or so I have been googling "apartments for rent" where Sir Steve lives.  There were a lot of possibilities -- but then I don't know this new town at all!!  So I made a list of all possibles and while Sir Steve was working yesterday off I went to explore the neighbourhoods and get a little feel for this new town.

I spent a good part of the day exploring -- crossing apartments off my list -- because OH MY GOD!  they looked awful from the outside -- and if they looked that bad on the outside I did NOT want to know what they looked like on the inside.

I did find a couple of really cute "side by sides" as they call them here in Ontario.  I am not even sure how to describe them -- sort of like two very small houses attached.... inside they resemble an apartment more than a house.  But they have the definite advantage of not having anyone living above or below you -- and you quite often get a small yard -- and a basement that would hold a washing machine and dryer.  AND the best part -- the rent is no more than an apartment.  Realistically I know the two I saw yesterday will not still be on the market come the summer (when I plan to move) ....... but it gives me hope that I might just find something else.

The other apartment I found -- which conveniently is just down the street from Sir Steve -- is an old converted school building.  There is something very quirky and appealing to me about moving into a converted school  -- how much fun would that be??!!

There were a couple of pluses from my exploring yesterday -- 1) simply is... *I* ventured out in a completely strange town with zero anxiety!  and 2) I got a 'feel' for this little Ontario town -- and what it has to offer.   It is most definitely 'small town' Ontario -- but there was something about it that appealed to me ........... maybe I never really was a big town girl ya know?? I mean Kingston was certainly a small town compared to Montreal -- and this new city is smaller than Kingston......... but it is in a strange way -- reassuring to me.

I will finish off my year with the lil guy I am working with -- I am quite proud to say by next year I don't think he will need a "shadow" to integrate him into the social aspects of school ......... and then everything should be in place for my next move.  
(small smile -- I have come a long way ya know -- after each move I announce 'never again ! " and now my attitude is "I've got this moving shit!!  there is no rule written anywhere that I have to find my 'forever' home.) 

Life is truly becoming an adventure of MY design -- and that is a VERY good thing ! 


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