Monday, September 19, 2016

Protecting the innocent

Once upon a time someone in the local community went after me -- tried to have me banned -- accused me of 'outing' folks here on my blog.  The reason she didn't come close to her objectives is that I am overly careful when I talk about other people here on my blog.  I don't even use their online names -- I create my own nicknames for them.......... 

It is especially important now -- as I have had someone from my past take information from my blog and put it on Facebook for the vanilla world to read.  I do NOT want any of my friends to have to deal with that stress!

When it came time to talk about my new poly relationship - it was easy to come up with a nick for HIM -- he became "Hands" because his hands were one of the first things I noticed about him.  However his wife was a different story.........I didn't have a nickname that just fit her and could not be connected to her..... so I have left her as "his wife".

Keth called me on it over the weekend in a comment.  She said "but it comes across to me like you don't value her for her, but value her purely for who she is to Hands,"
And she is right -- it is something that bothers me every time I write "his wife" -- it does not give her her own identity -- her own importance/place in my life. 

I had dinner with Hands and 'his wife' on Saturday.  One of the other things I tend to do is - before I give someone a nickname - I always check with them first.  So I told 'his wife' my idea for her 'The Journey nick'...... and she agreed.  It stems from a bit of a in joke between us.

So without further ado..........(drum roll please)

May I introduce my friend .... my early morning over coffee chat pal ......... my partner in crime..... 
and yes "his wife" ........ who, from now on, will be called "cg" on The Journey. 


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keth said...

Fantastic! I look forward to hearing more about both Hands and cg - and I think you're very smart and wise to have done it the way you have :)

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