Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Many years ago I had emergency surgery.  The nurse shaved me from the belly button to my knees.  I remember thinking I would die of embarrassment at having my 'private areas' shaved bare.

By the time I had recovered from the surgery the hair had grown back in........... but there was something about that experience that I liked.  That summer when it was hot and humid I shaved myself -- with no small amount of contortions to get it done either.  I don't remember what my husband thought of it -- but I loved it!!  It was cooler and neater and felt cleaner.  It also turned me on.

At first I only shaved when the summer came........... but then I started doing it regularly -- because it just felt so damn good.   There have been a few times over the years where I have let it grow in.  BUT I noticed I never felt as aroused.  My jewelry feels so much more erotic -- and I love seeing it every time I look in the mirror.

I know there are women that can't stand being shaved -- they have very strong opinions on the whole issue.  Me -- shrug -- I say to each their own.  I just know that I love the feel of the skin when it is freshly shaved... I love the feel of the smoothness of the lips -- of the mons -- I love feeling the warm summer breezes caress it when I am lying naked in my bed.

Why am I writing about this today??
well truthfully I didn't know what to write about today -- and I shaved yesterday -- and as I laid in my bed the cool sheets brushing against my naked skin I thought I would share with you -- just another little something about me.

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