Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hot Hot Hot

Today we are entering our 5th day of Heat Advisories -- temps (with the humidity) up around 40C.  

Now I love the heat -- and personally don't much like air conditioning...... fans have always been enough for me.  In the past when I did have A/C I used it only about 3 days a year or so.  So when I moved in here I bought one small fan for the bedroom... there was a ceiling fan in the dining room/living room.

Yesterday I called "red" on the heat.  Problem is Mother Nature doesn't believe in safe words.  So I decided to go out and buy a couple of heavy duty fans .......  ugh!!  so many choices........... I did finally settle on 2 but not before I bought a Dyson fan -- those over priced space age looking fans....... 

I brought the Dyson home and was bragging to Hands about how much cooler things were gonna be -- hoping He would be more comfortable when he comes to visit...... BUT -- to put it mildly I was NOT impressed with the Dyson -- it seemed to me my lil fan did as good a job as the Dyson -- if not better.

So I took the Dyson back -- and instead bought 2 heavy duty normal looking fans for half the price.  I set 'em up and had them going top speed all afternoon -- and the apartment seemed to cool down -- unless it was just a psychological thing - you know - 3 fans working instead of 1 means the apartment should be cooler.

Today Hands and his wife are coming for dinner -- I will be cooking in this heat -- but with all 3 fans going full blast............ it's a test -- we'll see how cool Hands thinks it is this evening ......... (got my fingers crossed!!)


Lea said...

Ugh, I know how you feel. This heat needs to go. I'm usually okay, since I work outside and I'm used to it, but when it's 100 Fahrenheit... nope.

We got a window fan and it does WONDERS. We want to get more. We do have one airconditioner in the bedroom. We try not to run it, but it's on right now!

Lilac said...

I would buy a portable air conditioner instead of buying Dyson fan or 2 more fans.

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