Saturday, August 10, 2013

Little Tortures

I have not been allowed to shave my pubic  hair since ........ ummmmm.... May.  It is long and bushy.

Yesterday I was giving myself a manicure (in preparation for a munch we were hosting).  I was sitting in the lazy boy in the family room with two sets of wet nails.  Elbows bent - hands up in the air - fingers splayed - nails drying.

W  walked past - stopped - knelt down and got this cheeky ass look on his face.  I knew something bad was gonna happen.  

W slid his hands slowly up my legs - sliding under my shorts and continuing up ....up until his fingers grazed the bush.  I looked at him with sheer terror - I knew what he had in mind... my breath caught...... I waited.

Both of W's hands grabbed a handful of hair - fingers entwined - pulling gently.  I shrieked.  I flapped my hands - but didn't touch him.  My manicure for god's sakes was still WET!!  He pulled some more.  I was laughing and crying at the same time and begging him to stop.  

W laughed.  "This is better than bondage" He said "You can't move" and proceeded to tug some more.

My knees went weak - I felt like I would pee my pants,  I shrieked some more - and flapped my wet nails frantically at W.  

Finally he let go - stood up and walked over to his seat with such a grin on his face!!!  

Little Tortures - he is VERY good at little tortures. 



Sir said...

morningstar, you forgot to tell everyone that my hands were cold too :-)

Also, I didn't take hand full, but rather just pulled using My fingers :-))

I WAS thinking about a shave for you today, but I might rethink it...

little monkey said...

LOL! I can picture the flappy wet nail hands.It does work just like bondage doesn't it?

Ordalie said...

I got rid of a lover who used to do the same to me.

morningstar said...

@ordalie - oh trust me I have no intentions getting rid of W.... tortures are part of our agreement :)

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