Wednesday, October 05, 2016


I have not had long hair in years.  Many years back I had cancer and had to take some pretty strong chemicals to kill it.  The chemicals worked -- but my hair suffered.  Usually your hair grows back -- mine sort of did.  But it was never very thick or strong -- afterwards it was worse.

I wore it chin length for many years.

When my life slid sideways off the tracks one of the things I did was cut my hair short (rebellion?? who knows)  Then I cut it shorter.

Then I met Hands.

And he told me he liked longer hair.  No request.  No demands.  Just his preference.  

So I decided to grow this hair that was shaved up the back and about as short as any male.

I don't have a lot of patience.  BUT I kept telling myself if I could lose the weight I could do anything -- including grow my hair..... (suffer through the growing stage)

Yesterday I went to the hairdresser.  I used to see her every 4 weeks -- now it's every 6 weeks.  She was all enthusiastic about how much my hair had grown.  I looked in the mirror and thought "oh yeah??? which one?!"  

It almost hurt to watch the scissors snip away the little bit of growth -- but when she was finished she pointed out how the back was much longer - no longer shaved and can actually be styled.  The left side (which was almost shaved) is almost the same length as the right side.

So yeah my hair is growing.

BUT when I see Hands, he is gonna tease me that my hair is still not long. AND I am gonna wanna slap him.  (notice I said "wanna"! not that I would - cause I am a good lil sub and would NEVER hit a Dom -- insert very cheeky grin )

BUT I will grow my hair -- because it is what Hands prefers and that's how I am wired.


  1. Ty likes my hair long and so I don't cut it. It's nice to just do something that makes him happy. Glad that your hair is growing back slowly but surely.

  2. It must be a guy thing.... I love long hair as well. Pity my Wanita does have her own will and it still is her hair. I just prefer it longer.
    Well done on the growth, You might not see it, but if the hairdresser tells you so, I think it's safe to assume it's longer!


  3. As a person with long hair, I am excited for you! I know that when I get even a inch cut, I can tell the difference!


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