Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Yesterday was my birthday.  I spent it like any other day -- gym -- shopping -- tasks for Hands.

But it did keep playing in the back of my mind that it was my birthday and maybe I should do something special for me to celebrate....

I was remembering when I was younger my Mom used to spend a lot of time and energy planning my birthday parties. It was always a Halloween themed birthday with a cake to match.... everything from pumpkin shaped cakes to witch hat shaped cakes.  

Then I got too old for themed parties and I don't remember why but one year my Mom had to buy my birthday cake.  It was a vanilla cake with vanilla icing (my favourite) and roses on top.   I have a terrible sweet tooth and those roses.... mmmmmmmm... I can almost still taste them -- feel the sugar melting in my mouth.  From that point on, the big treat for my birthday was a 'bought birthday cake'.  I think it made my mom grind her teeth (she never bought something she could make herself) -- but it was my birthday and my treat.

Yesterday I thought maybe I would go and buy myself a small birthday cake with roses on top.  I was out doing messages and the thought kept playing in my head.  BUT then I remembered how hard I had worked at the gym and asked myself was it worth it??? 

So I didn't buy myself a birthday cake -- and will have no guilt going into this new year.

YAY me!  and Happy Birthday to me!



  1. Well a late congratulations is in order, me thinks. Happy Birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday Morningstar,
    Is Hands going to give you your Birthday spanks?
    All the best for the coming year

  3. Happy Birthday, a bit late! Why not buy one cupcake and enjoy it without guilt?


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