Thursday, August 06, 2015

Thought Provoking

 A friend posted - what I consider an excellent question - this morning on FetLife.  I answered him there - but thought I would bring my answer over here... cause a) the question is worth thinking about for anyone/everyone and b) I didn't have a blog post this morning (cheeky grin)

Now the question was:   

"What one piece of advice would you give yourself, knowing what you know now."

And my answer went something like this ...

1) Have fun - laugh - enjoy - don't take it too seriously
cause truthfully folks - if it starts being all serious and not fun anymore - you are doing it wrong - OR - it's time to move on.
2) Explore - learn - don't be afraid (well within reason - some things are fun to be afraid of - others just good sense)

I was thinking when I wrote this bit - how fear does play a big part in my "turn on" -- BUT for me anyway - I spent a fair amount of time being afraid I wasn't pleasing him.... or that I would do something wrong........ it clogged my heart  and made it hurt.  
3) Always - ALWAYS - remain true to yourself and your moral code

Sometimes you bend and twist yourself to try and be what the Dom/sub wants you to be......that's just wrong in so many ways........... you have to be YOU - experience has taught me I can't be anyone else - or some image someone else has of who/what I should be.
4) Don't be intimidated by the Doms or the more experienced - or anyone - as a very wise man (my father ) once told me "they all put their pants on one leg at a time"

When I was a "newbie" I thought (honestly!!)  that somehow Doms walked on water .. were demi gods (oh stop laughing!!) I have learned that they are human just like me - with the same foibles and insecurities ... respect everyone  - dom and sub a like - be kind to everyone - dom and sub alike and you will find joy and happiness and much laughter in this lifestyle.     

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  1. Excellent question and answers. I hold in the greatest regard...have fun and be true to yourself. In all of life, from spanking to taking that brilliant photograph, it is always the same...have fun.


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