Friday, January 02, 2015

New Year's Party

We had a New Year's Party to attend - the one where my Sir organised a 3some spank fest - with my ass as the target.

It has been a very long time since I was asked to "please??" "handle??" 3 Doms at the same time.  God I was nervous.  All the old "i have to please Sir" "i can't disappoint Sir" came rushing out of hiding. 

But it wasn't as scary as I thought.....not even close.  To my shock and surprise MissA had done her homework and read my profile on FetLife and knew my likes, desires, wants.  She mentioned my liking ice and my brain went into a tail spin.... like ice??!!  me??!!  I said I like ice??!!!  which gave Sir and MissA a giggle.  (turns out that yes I do actually have "likes everything to do with ice" checked off on my profile - who knew?? well yes MissA knew)

Mostly the session is a blur of  Doms (Sir, MissA, and S) popping into my line of sight, of hands, toys, pain, growling, and fairies dancing.  Sir mentioned it was a pity there was no snow as my ass would have appreciated sitting in  a snow bank.........I knew it was hot - god was it hot!!  and Sir was busy snapping pictures.  (it is a tad difficult to swivel your head 180 degrees to see if there are any marks.)

Marks - yes - everyone agreed I had a nice red glow to my ass - but "morningstar never marks" was the general opinion of anyone who knew me.  No marks is the curse of my existence - because though I may not mark - I have all the pain that goes along with massive bruising - and none of the sympathy credit. 

BUT look at this......... 24 hours later and lo and behold I have MARKS!! which explains why I feel like I may have been hit by a truck! 

I honestly can't think of a better way to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to good things in 2015!

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