Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In Disguise

I have been struggling for a few days now over a "friend request" on FetLife.  Yeah I know that's hardly worth worrying over........ but I need to work this out... (and probably try and explain it to my Sir who - I am sure - doesn't get my fixation over this issue)

When I get friend requests from folks I do not know - even after I have checked their profiles.. I always send a polite email saying something along the lines of "have we met somewhere?? "  This time when this "Kingstonmunch" account got my email - I got a rather snarky answer back that said - in my words - 'fuck off you don't need to know who I am.'

So I didn't friend them.


it bugged me.  The profile said they were only in existence to organize munches in our fair city.  HUH??? We have munches/coffee and sloshes almost every week.  If we broaden our traveling time you have a munch every single weekend.  Why do we need yet another munch??? (AND don't try feeding me the line 'well it is a munch with no politics or drama" --  really NO drama??!!  really!)

But the bigger question was "why did they feel the need to hide their real identity?"  Huh why??!!!

If I wanted to organize an event - I would just create an event - let's say a movie outting to see 50 Shades of Grey.  I would say something to the effect of "I am going to see 50 Shades on such and such a day - who wants to join me?? Perhaps we can do coffee afterwards to critique the movie".

That's what I would do. 

But then I have nothing to hide.

Sock accounts always lead me to believe someone has something to hide.  Why would I friend such a person .......... and why in God's name would I go to any event planned by someone who is hiding in the shadows?!!

Well that's where my thought processes had gotten me to until yesterday, when I started getting emails and text messages from folks asking if I knew this "Kingstonmunch" person.  Turns out there were a few more folks who had sent off emails asking "who are you and have we met" and got met with the same snarky "fuck off" answer. (how to win friends and influence people right?)

Then last evening I spoke out publicly on a couple of groups where there were discussions about this KM person. I asked politely "who is the person behind that sock account?" 

I should have seen it coming - but I didn't.  One of the group owners tore me  a new one.  Told me I could NOT post my opinion on their group - could NOT insist someone tell me who they were.  (which I guess is quite correct - I can not force someone to tell me who they are)  So I removed myself from that group (that claims to welcome everyone and their opinions) and shrugged it off.

But I can't help but wonder why this person needs to hide ............. what are they hiding? especially in a community that is supposed to build relationships based on trust.   And how come there are only a few of us that are questioning this odd behaviour (for lack of a better term) It amazes me how many "lemmings" are joining up to friend a sock puppet............. it really does make me go "ummmmmmm?!"

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