Monday, January 05, 2015

Monday Morning.............

First things first....... I am pleased to report that after just 3 applications of the Arnica (a masochist's best friend) my bruises are now pale yellow with some black dots...... they are itchy and tender to the touch.   (though Sir didn't listen when I said "still tender" as he decided - when he was inspecting them this morning - to give each cheek a spank to test out the tenderness) le sigh.

Ok so back tracking a little bit........
We had the play party on Wednesday evening to welcome in 2015.  On Thursday we had our annual Open House for about 30 of our kinky friends.

So after only a few hours sleep I turned this mess in the kitchen..............

into this smorgasbord in the dining room by 4 pm........

It was amusing - well to me - that I had put an end time for the party at 10pm - and at 10 a couple of people asked for more appeared that the last of the guests were not quite ready to head out into the snowy night.  

BUT Mother Nature - the best Dom of all - ended the party by causing a power failure.  Folks left by the light of their cell phones... and because I really couldn't see to do much of anything in the way of clean up - I fell into bed exhausted.

Friday and Saturday were clean up days......... and Sunday was spent rubbing Arnica on my bruises curled up on the sofa in front of the television.......... but all the food and all the decorations and every sign of the holidays had vanished for another year.

All in all - despite some glitches - it was an excellent holiday! 


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