Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It Happened

After all my years blogging - and leaving comments on other blogs it finally happened......

I got blindsided by some little twerp who told me 
"And for morningstar, the key is that 24/7 naked in chains sexy time CANNOT be maintained, but 24/7 being a slave CAN. It just means that a lot of the time it seems rather ordinary on the surface."

jesus joseph and mary!!! 

quite obviously this lil slave does not read here - does not know me.........and truthfully I should just let it go... but dammit she made me angry ... I have never EVER wanted only the sexy 50 Shades of Grey BDSM...... EVER!  What I am living through right now is not even close to ordinary .............. it is a messy screwed up pile of emotions on both sides................

I just want to slap her - and that is so not me .......... honest true it isn't........... and at this point in my life you'd think I would know better than to respond (on any level) to some smart mouthed - holy than thou slave who believes there is only one TRUE way to do this .................. grrrrrrrrr............ 

I have been in this lifestyle for going on 30 years now...... I am LONG past the sexy in chains fantasy ............. I would love to see her keep on trucking if her Master told her He didn't get any pleasure from her anymore - if her Master didn't validate her service - didn't even notice it anymore... wonder how long she could hang on doing the service only thing before developing a little angst........

She doesn't read here (at least I doubt very much she does) but if she did .......  I have one last thing to say to her...............

(and now I will put away my soap box - bury the hurt feelings - and go to the gym and work out my anger)



  1. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Sure.. people like that aren't worth your time. But sometimes you just gotta get it out. That little comment pissed me off and it wasn't directed at me! i would have the same reaction if it were me in your shoes.

    i have spent a lot of time in my life teaching myself not to judge, and it aggravates me when others do. my Sir has taught me that this lifestyle is about celebrating differences in people, it's one of the things i value greatly in BDSM. When i come across people like that one i want to shake them silly... lol.

    i hope you were able to put her ignorant comment to good use and took your frustrations out in a good workout at the gym!


  2. I'm very sorry I hurt your feelings. No, I had not read your blog before. I feel like a bit of a low down heel, so I take it back, if that is possible? I reacted simply to your line that 24/7 slavery was an impossible myth.

    I don't think it is. But I do think it takes two people to maintain. Also, my follow up comment was some thing about me being totally miserable if my Master doesn't pay attention to me. So I wasn't trying to discount your misery at all. My comment was flip and obnoxious, though, for that I am sorry.

  3. ancilla-ksst - thank you for your apology. It takes a big person to stand up and apologize. I appreciate it!


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