Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Vice

Yesterday I had a check up with our family doctor.  Had good and bad news - what else is new (le sigh)........ I am healthy - except my blood sugars are borderline.  But when I told him about the gym and trying to eat healthier he said that should do it... and not to worry (Does he remember who he is talking to??? lil miss worry??)  Then we discussed my "female problems" which haven't improved since the biopsy - and subsequent medication.

He actually asked if I could just "live with it".. and I said "no not really.  Just give me some pills like the last time (8 years ago)."  But he thought maybe I should see a gyno (insert sad face).  And then mumbled something about some irregularities in the pathology report.  HUH??? that didn't actually sink in till I was in the car coming home.... so no I didn't ask for clarification.  BUT then he said it would probably be a couple of months before I heard from the new doc........... and then he did think I could just live with it right??? so how serious can this "irregularity" be?!

BUT today's entry is entitled "My Vice" - yay I know ME have a vice - not possible!!  I am such a "good girl".  But yeah I have a vice............ I LOVE casinos - and the slot machines......... which is all I can afford really..... slot machines I mean.

So when I got home from the doctor - W and I took off to the casino.  We have one about 30 minutes away.... and we go about once a month.  But W is very firm - very firm!  I get to take $20 to play the slots and when it is gone that's it no more.   

Most of the time I am done in under 10 minutes (I wouldn't have any luck if it wasn't for bad luck!!)

But yesterday after my second pull of the lever I won my $20 back and more!!  W suggested I cash out and pocket my $20 and only play with my winnings.... which I did... surprise surprise I won enough money to treat us both to a nice lunch at a nearby English Pub.  

What fun we had!!!

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