Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some Days........

Some days I wake up tired - exhausted tired - and wonder if there is any hope at all.... all the positive outlooks have looked and given up................

I am tired of going to the gym 4 times a week - working myself to exhaustion - with nothing......... NOTHING.... to show for it.  It has been 4 weeks now and I haven't lost an ounce (well i did lose a half pound - but it is back) My measurements haven't changed.  I wonder why I am doing this......... still

I am tired of "poking him" hoping against hope that he will smack my ass or pinch my tits.... just once in passing - just so I can feel he "sees" me.......

I am tired - mentally and physically tired....... and it makes me so damn sad.  A year ago I thought my dream had come true - I was gonna live the life I had planned for and dreamed of for most of my adult life ............. what a joke that is !!

And then this morning - knowing I was gonna write this 'down in the mouth' post I went looking for a picture that would illustrate the exhausted heart ....... and found this....... 

It challenged me to NOT give up............I am - after all - WOMAN


  1. In the overall scheme of things, working out four times a week is nothing. It takes much longer than four weeks to lose physicality and it surely will take time to get it back.

    You might want to remember that muscles weigh more than fat.

    The rest of it ... y'all are going to need to work it out. Seems to me y'all have three choices. Which choice is made's all up to the two of you. No one else. No one else's business.

  2. Anonymous12:29 am

    Hugs to you. It's so not about you (it's about him, meaning, it's his issue, not your fault), but your hurt is valid anyway.

    My husband is a doctor who specializes in this. Exercise is absolutely fantastic for your health in general , but does little to nothing for weight loss. And if you are low thyroid, and you are doing lots of cardio, you are literally exhausting yourself. Lots of cardio can actually cause low thyroid (or low for you).

    Short bursts of exercise are better than long (usually slower) cardio, for both health and weight loss.

    For weight loss (and fatigue), the most impactful thing most people cand do is change WHAT they eat, and this naturally changes how much they eat. Look up paleo diet if you haven't already.

    Of course, these are generalizations, and every person is unique, and you may have other factors involved.

    Hugs again.

  3. Anonymous7:44 pm

    i'm going to agree with previous comments. i've lost over 40 lbs this year, with little to no exercise. For the most part, and especially in the beginning weight loss is about food choices. i don't believe in dieting, i think it's an old fashioned thought process, and a gimmick for weight loss products. As a cook and a proponent for healthy eating i could go on and on about this topic... lol

    Good Luck!


    oh.. and i can't stop staring at that picture!!!!! Oh my....


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