Friday, September 26, 2014

One of my Favourite Things

This might sound just a tad morbid to some of you - but one of my favourite things is to go walking in old cemeteries.... and as luck would have it ...we have an old cemetery right down the road from us.

Yesterday after I had finished at the gym I headed over to the cemetery to shoot some pictures for my photography class.  The theme this week is light and shadows.... Here are just some of my favourite shots............


now I just have to select the ones I like the best from the 40 or 50 total shots............



  1. Light and shade are so hard to capture..but when you get it I love the first 2...I am with you in that a cemetery can be the BEST place to photograph

  2. Anonymous5:09 am

    hello, this is from germany,
    your blog is great, i also like to photograph,
    your pictures are fin
    congratulate ralph


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